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Foxboro Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Transmitter Features

The award winning Foxboro Pressure “S” Series Model IDP10S transmitter with HART 6 communications delivers
uncompromising accuracy to satisfy all your application needs. Each of its four sensors has up to a 400:1 turndown ratio that together span a very wide measurement range:

0.5 – 200 inches of water gauge
2.5 – 1,000 inches of water gauge
3.75 – 300 psi
37.5 – 3,000 psi

Foxboro’s patented FoxCal technology enables the transmitter to transition automatically to the best calibration according to input. This wide range means that most applications can be satisfied with this single device. This translates into cost savings through reduced inventory of transmitters and spare parts.

The “S” series design has standard form / fit / function to replace any manufacturer’s current pressure / differential transmitter while ensuring reliability and longevity. Its traditional, low profile structure allows easy installation in the preferred position and orientation, even in tight places.

Key Features of the Foxboro I/A Series Pressure S Series Model IDP10S Transmitter

Precise and Reliable Measurement: An intelligent, two-wire transmitter that provides precise, reliable measurement of differential pressure and transmits a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

Time in Service: Keeps track of the number of days the transmitter has been in service over its lifetime and since the last time it was powered up.

Wide Turndown Ranges: Excellent performance is maintained over an industry-leading wide turndown range, meaning the IDP10S transmitter performs better than two separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range.

Multiple Calibration: Unique patented multiple calibration technology feature that eliminates the need for a traditional single-span calibration at an application-specific pressure range. Transmitters with the multiple calibration feature enabled use multiple calibrated ranges that are stored in the on-board memory. The multiple (11) calibration ranges are preset in the factory and cover the full pressure range of the transmitter. During operation, a real-time, seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a percent of reading from 3% to 100% of the upper range limit (URL).


Foxboro’s buoyancy and LevelWave radar transmitters perform continuous measurement of liquid level for exact indication and control of process sequences.

Intelligent Buoyancy Level Transmitters

Foxboro Eckardt buoyancy transmitters perform continuous measurements for liquid level, interface, or density of liquids in the process of all industrial applications. Even under extreme temperatures, high process pressure, and corrosive liquids, the devices measure with consistent reliability and high precision. The elimination of all moving parts translates to little or no maintenance, further improving longevity and reliability. Click here for more information.

intelligent buoyancy level transmitter

LevelWave Radar Series

Foxboro Eckardt’s LevelWave Radar Series provides one universal radar measurement solution for all liquids – including corrosive, viscous, sticky, and other difficult media such as foam and turbulent surfaces – with these advantages:

  • Ease of installation with modular design reduces downtime in the field and plant
  • Adaptable mounting and easily accessible display for effortless operation
  • Highest quality guaranteed as every single Foxboro Eckardt device is factory-tested

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level wave radar


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With a rugged design and flexible platform, the routers provide the ability to remotely connect, monitor, and control assets across a variety of industrial applications. Add in robust security features, which include a stateful firewall, NAT translations and VPN connections, and the RAM 6021 delivers a compact all-in-one solution that seamlessly connects to existing Ethernet infrastructures, including networks with Modbus and DNP3 enabled devices. Click here for more information. red lion ram 6021


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The RAM 9000 combines built-in I/O and active GPS with multiple serial and Ethernet ports to securely monitor remote devices via 4G LTE cellular communications. Ideal for deployment in industrial M2M networks such as oil and gas, water / wastewater, utility, transportation, and mining applications, the RAM 9000 provides a seamless network extension to remote locations. As a robust cellular automation platform, the RAM 9000 enables customers to save wiring time, space, and cost by combining separate functions into one cellular device. Click here for more information. red lion ram9000


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The 53U/54U/54UC Multi Power Monitors simultaneously measure many variables of heavy current power systems. These are, but not limited to: current, voltage, apparent power (active and reactive), energy (active and reactive), power factor, and frequency.



Multi Power Monitor with Modbus


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  • 1/4 DIN (96 x 96 mm) panel size
  • Four digital displays
  • Single type module is usable for all of single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems.
  • All measured variables can be transmitted to the host PC via RS-485/Modbus RTU.
  • Energy count pulse or limit alarm output selectable
  • Up to 4 optional analog outputs
  • Programming lock to prevent unwanted configuration changes
  • Input range up to 480 Vac, 1 A or 5 A

product features Product Overview , Output/Comms Options


54U / 54UC

Multi Power Monitor with Modbus & CC-Link

Modbus: datasheet btn CC-Link: datasheet btn

  • 110 x 110 mm panel size
  • Robust screw terminal connection
  • Four digital displays
  • 60-segment bar graph
  • Single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems
  • All measured variables can be transmitted to the host PC via RS-485/Modbus RTU or CC-Link.
  • Energy count pulse or limit alarm output selectable
  • Up to 4 optional analog outputs
  • Programming lock to prevent unwanted configuration changes
  • Input range up to 480 Vac, 1 A or 5 A


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The Eurotherm NanoDac is unique in that it is a recorder and controller in one. It provides measurement and control of various process variables for regulatory reporting, quality control, and process feedback.

nanodac™ Recorder / Controller

The nanodac™ recorder/controller offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID control for a box of its size. The compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit offers four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced by a full colour, ¼ VGA display to bring a crystal clear operator interface to even the smallest of machines.

Crystal clear, colour display

The 3.5″ TFT display offers incredibly clear visualisation of process parameters with a wide selection of configurable views to best suit the application. Views include: Horizontal and vertical trends; Horizontal and vertical bar graphs; Numeric; Alarm status, and control loops. The unit also provides user wiring from the front of the product for detailed configuration without the need to connect to a PC.

Data Acquisition and Recording

The nanodac recording functionality utilises the secure strategies and UHH format developed by Eurotherm through years of recording expertise. As well as multiple real-time views and historical review on the product, multiple data archiving strategies are provided utilising the 50MB onboard Flash memory, removable USB and data transfer via FTP to a specified server.

The four universal input channels provide high accuracy (suitable for use in Nadcap applications) and 125ms parallel sampling. An additional 14 virtual channels can be utilised to provide maths, counter, slave communications and totaliser functionality within the instrument.

Review software can also be utilised to automatically initialise pulling of data to a Review database over the Ethernet network. Both Review and Dream Report™ software can be used for report generation that meets the needs of your process.

PID Control Loops

The nanodac instrument can also provide two independent control loops (optional). This control functionality utilises the advanced Eurotherm PID algorithm providing high performance and reliability to your process. Functionality includes one of the best autotune facilities available along with overshoot inhibition (cutbacks); compensation for power fluctuations using power feedforward; linear, fan, oil and water cooling

NANODAC Documentation


  • Secure data recording
  • 2 PID control loops
  • High accuracy universal inputs
  • USB removable data storage facility
  • Compact design
  • 50MB flash memory
  • Ethernet communications
  • ¼ VGA crystal clear display
  • 14 virtual channels


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With more than 50 years of experience, Servomex are market leaders in non-depleting sensor technology. Servomex now brings this experience to the life-critical gas detection market with their unique Oxygen Deficiency Gas Monitor – The SERVOMEX OxyDetect.

OxyDetect Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
Servomex Hummingbird Paracube Modus

Servomex Hummingbird Paracube®Modus


  • Non-depleting sensor, paracube®micro sensor
  • No false alarms
  • Extended calibration intervals
  • Low or no cross interference
  • No low O2 helium affects
  • Not affected by disinfectants or alcohols in clean / sterile environments
  • No “Alarm Fatigue” dangers
  • 24V powered
  • General Purpose and Hazardous Area
  • mA, 3x 250Vac/3A Relays Contacts and optional Ethernet modbus TCP/IP


  • Never replace an electrochemical sensor again
  • Never have a false low oxygen alarm again
  • Extend your calibration intervals (12 months)
  • No need to carry large stocks of replacement electrochemical sensors
  • No shelf life issues with spare sensors
  • Low or no cross interferences, even to helium
  • No “Alarm Fatigue” dangers
  • Won’t be affected by disinfectants or alcohols in clean / sterile environments
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance

OxyDetect+ enables Maximum Safety in potentially deficient oxygen environments


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This power controller is ideal for a broad range of single phase applications requiring heater power between 1.6kW and 25kW. EFit delivers highly stable power control with excellent value for money in a simple yet efficient solution with these features:

  • Connects easily
  • Controls precisely
  • Improves your processes

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Eurotherm EFit Power Controller


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Eurotherm provides a range of products that meet the accuracy, data collection, storage, and reporting requirements of the new standard:

TUS Recorder
TUS Recorder
TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey) Software
TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey) Software
6180 AeroDAQ
6180 AeroDAQ
NANODAC Recorder / Controller
NANODAC Recorder / Controller
3500 Precision Temperature Controller
3500 Precision Temperature Controller
6000 Series Data Loggers
6000 Series Data Loggers
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The GECMA RT is MTL’s new generation HMI series for safe operation in hazardous areas to reduce cost, maximize productivity, and increase plant safety. The new GECMA RT is suitable for the strictest of hygienic conditions, aggressive production environments and hazardous areas, typically found in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Off-shore manufacturing industries. This future proof solution has been designed with state of the art technology and unique features to bring you the best value.

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MTL GECMA RT Hazardous Area Remote Terminal


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The SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Oxy is a revolution in TDL Absorption Spectroscopy analysis: a highly compact gas monitor for in-situ cross stack applications, which delivers exceptional performance benefits in a revolutionary compact design. Servomex’s pioneering approach to design has produced an analyzer that occupies a footprint up to 1/10th the size of the competitors’ products. This provides instant benefits in terms of installation ease and flexibility. The SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Oxy delivers exceptional TDL performance, with a fast response to measuring O2 in a wide range of applications. Using the latest Wavelength Modulated Spectroscopy (WMS) measurement techniques with unique Servomex signal processing, the MiniLaser provides the most stable, repeatable results with minimal cross interference from other gases.

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Servomex Tunable Diode Laser for Oxygen and Ammonia Measurements


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An inexpensive,, web-enabled remote terminal unit (RTU) that offers simple remote monitoring via the internet without the need to build up a complex PC-based system

M-System’s model DL8 is a remote terminal unit with basic web server function. Various sensor signals are gathered from built-in I/O modules or remote I/Os connected through Ethernet Modbus/TCP and monitored through Intranet or Internet using a web browser. Users do not need any additional application program to view the data. User-friendly browser views are already installed: Data, Trend and Event Log views. Each one is basic but useful, designed for ease of browsing on a small screen of smart phones and tablets.

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M-System DL8 Series
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