Metrix Vibration Announces Data Acquisition and Trending for Setpoint Machinery Protection Systems

July 31, 2013

SETPOINT CMS powered by PI® is a comprehensive online condition monitoring software solution that connects directly to the SETPOINT machinery protection system without need of any additional intervening hardware. It provides powerful visualization tools such as timebase, orbit, spectrum, bode, polar, shaft centerline, multi-variable trend, and other plot types specific to rotating and reciprocating machinery, allowing online condition monitoring analysis and machinery diagnostics. A SETPOINT CMS installation consists of the following three basic components:

Metrix Time Orbit

❶  SETPOINT Machinery Protection System

The SETPOINT rack is an API 670-compliant machinery protection system that uses two basic module types to continuously monitor machinery data: Universal Monitoring Modules (UMMs) and Temperature Monitoring Modules (TMMs). The fundamental task for these modules is to continuously monitor the signals from connected sensors, condition the signals into multiple measurement parameters for each sensor, and compare these measurements against alarm setpoints. The real time data collected by these modules is streamed down the rack’s backplane to the System Access Module (SAM) where the digitized, encoded data is available at the CMS port via a Gigabit Ethernet port. The protocol used for this interface is open. An engineered interface exists allowing it to directly communicate with OSISoft’s PI software. Communication with other systems is also available by anyone wishing to write an interface supporting our protocol.

❷  Server Software

The SETPOINT rack communicates directly with server software running on a host computer. This computer is normally a server-grade rack-mount machine running Microsoft Windows, PI Server Software, PI AF Server Software, and Microsoft SQL Server software. These software packages work in concert to collect and historize the real time data supplied by the SETPOINT rack. The data is then available to other PI servers and clients throughout the organization using local and wide area networks. Remote access is also available using the internet and standard, secure VPN (Virtual Private Networking) technology.

❸  Client Software

Client software provides the data visualization tools needed to view historized and real time vibration and process data in the PI sever. Two tightly integrated client software packages are used in tandem to view data: PI ProcessBook and SETPOINT CMS. SETPOINT CMS software will initially function similar to a plug-in application for ProcessBook. ProcessBook allows the user to navigate to points of interest using highly intuitive plant overview and machine train mimic diagrams. Once one or more points of interest have been selected in ProcessBook, the user can select from ProcessBook’s native display tools, or supplementary tools provided by SETPOINT CMS specifically used for viewing vibration waveforms and data. Later this year, SETPOINT CMS software will be able to operate independently of PI ProcessBook software if desired, providing full functionality for plant overview and machine train diagrams, point navigation, trend plots, augmenting the it full-featured vibration waveform display capabilities.

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