Networking, Wireless & Security

Neal Systems carries the latest industrial data networking technology products for transferring, visualizing, securing, reporting, and networking of industrial plant data. We have a variety of wired and wireless solutions to help your facility advance your control and SCADA networks with the best 21st century technology. We also can provide full design, installation, and implementation of your networking project.

Cyber Security

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is a distributed network security solution that is managed from a central location. This flexible architecture allows you to create security zones – Zone Level Security™ (as recommended in ISA/IEC 62443 standards) – throughout your control network to protect critical system components. Monitoring and management is easy, using one centralized software program.

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The Tofino Industrial Security Solution consists of three main product components:

Tofino Xenon Security Applicance


Tofino Loadable Security Modules

  • Firewall
  • Modbus TCP Enforcer
  • OPC Enforcer
  • EtherNet/IP Enforcer
  • NetConnect LSM

Tofino Configurator


Industrial Wireless

Eaton’s ELPRO products

Eaton’s ELPRO products provide industrial automation and connectivity solutions to create an essential, seamless foundation for your automation infrastructure. For more than 30 years, ELPRO products have helped companies in more than 80 countries improve the management of their assets and operations through more effective monitoring and control with their reliable and secure wireless solutions.

elpro antenna
wireless gateway
elpro wireless hart
monitors in a row


Sixnet offers the broadest range of M2M modems and routers available on the market today. These solutions take advantage of low monthly cellular rates to deliver primary or back-up connectivity for remote sites, in-vehicle data access, and other applications.


cellular rtu sixnet ethernet switches sixnet modem

Physical Security

Manufacturing companies have begun using networked security cameras to remotely monitor shipping and receiving locations or other workspaces. They can monitor whether safety policies are being followed and enforced, coordinate the efforts of various work sites, and monitor production efficiency from anywhere with internet access.

We offer a combination of cameras, internet-based monitoring, and other automation services that are customizable to your situation.

Our cameras are made by Axis, the world leader in network video.

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Our online monitoring software offers an internet-based surveillance package that can store video and allows you to toggle from camera to camera without leaving your desk, like a SCADA interface.

We also offer a selection of networkable security devices such as timed door locks, remote gate controls, and other products that can enhance your security network.

networkable security devices

Industrial Connectivity

Sixnet’s rugged Ethernet switches, automation devices, and cellular RTUs combine enterprise-class performance with rugged reliability to provide a “best of both worlds” solution for harsh, outdoor, and remote industrial networking applications.


Sixnet’s hardened switches are ideally suited for harsh and outdoor environments. Built-in redundancy coupled with advanced security and network management ensures the infrastructure stays up and running while providing tools for monitoring and tracking.

sixnet ethernet switches


Sixnet’s industrial automation devices, like rugged RTUs and I/O, provide a simple yet powerful means to reliably monitor and control remote sites around the clock in the harshest environments. Sixnet’s products offer virtually unlimited scalability meaning organizations have fewer restrictions on the number of remote sites or devices that are supported.



Eaton offers cost-effective, certified, Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet equipment for Class I, Div 1 and Div 2, hazardous areas that are easily installed and maintained.

industrial ethernet switch
industrial ethernet switch


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