G610 Wall Mounting Oxygen Analyser

Comes complete with

  • Mounting: Sensor: Wall mounting IP65 enclosure
  • Display Range: Multi digit auto-ranging
  • Output : 4 to 20mA or 0 to 5V programmable based on range of sensor type chosen
  • Alarms : Two user programmable
  • Power Supply : AC 110V or 240V
  • Sample System : 130-2002 Flowmeter & valve (E and N cell)
  • Sample System : 130-2003 Flowmeter & valve (L and H cell)
Part Number: G610

Available with the following sensor types:

  • (E cell) 0.1% to 100%
  • (N cell) 100ppm to 50%
  • (H cell) 1ppm to 10%
  • (L cell) 0.1ppm to 10%

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Product: G610 Wall Mounting Oxygen Analyser

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