Engineering & Service Solutions

Neal Systems offers a wide range of engineering and service capabilities for industrial instrumentation and automation processes.

Engineering and Service Solutions
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You have a variety of needs for your applications. NSI is ready to solve them through:

  • Cyber Security Services – In partnership with Belden, manufacturer of Tofino – a leading industrial firewall – NSI can design & implement a state-of-the-art cyber security defense solution.
  • Installation & Configuration – NSI has an extremely experienced installation team for both control wiring & piping installation, & on-site configuration.
  • System Design – NSI provides electrical & pneumatic control design, as well as panel design & build in our on-site panel shop.
  • Machine Monitoring – NSI’s years of process & machine monitoring experience, along with our relationships with leading vibration & temperature monitoring suppliers, makes us a perfect choice for your machine monitoring need.
  • Safety Systems – Gas detection & hazardous area classification / protection are just a few of the safety solutions NSI can provide.
  • Instrument & Valve Calibration – NSI offers calibration services for the control & process instruments it provides, making NSI a one-stop shop for your instrumentation needs.
  • Process Control – NSI provides installation, configuration & integration for new, retrofit & upgrade systems.
  • Data Acquisition & Data Integrity – NSI provides innovative ways to capture & store your vital data, an essential capability for compliance with regulatory authorities including 21 CFR 11.
  • Industrial Networking – NSI can determine the best way to communicate data to where you need it. Solutions for your control systems include wired, wireless & fiber networks with an emphasis on cyber security.
  • Project Management – Let NSI team with you to help manage your project so that it is on time, within scope & on budget.
  • IQ/OQ Documentation Preparation & Execution – NSI has extensive experience in the preparation & execution for your validation documentation.


Our Engineering Team can assist you in a variety of ways to provide the optimal solution for your application need.

  • Turn-key Engineered Solutions
  • Application Assistance
  • Industrial Networking Design
  • On-Site Product Evaluations
  • Electrical Design
  • Consulting
  • Radio & Cell Modem Surveys
  • Product Selection
  • Parts Procurement
  • HMI Development
  • PLC Configuration
  • Custom Protocol Conversion
  • Controller Configuration
  • Project Management
  • Drawings & Documentation
  • Panel Construction
  • Installation & Wiring
  • On/Off-site Technical Training
  • Technical Support


NSI offers a broad range of service capabilities to keep your system operating at optimal level.

  • 24/7 Service Contracts
  • Instrument & Valve Calibration
  • Device Configuration
  • Parts Procurement
  • Repairs for Most Instrument Products
  • Instrument & Valve Replacement Quotes
  • Troubleshooting Instrument Signals
  • Gas Chlorination Repair & Sales
  • Regulatory Reports with NIST Traceable Test Equipment
  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing
  • 900 Mhz Interference Testing for Wireless
  • Technical Support

Flexible Service Agreement Options


NSI has been in business for 30 years, delivering hundreds of projects throughout the USA. We have an incredibly customer-focused approach in both our engineering & service groups. Our team regularly goes above and beyond the standards expected from other engineering companies.

NSI will help you solve your automation and instrumentation needs and then keep your plant running through our advanced services program.


NSI provides expertise geared to your application requirements through benchmarking and well-established technologies.

  • Communications (Modbus & Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, DH+, DH485
    & RIO, RS232, Profibus)
  • Control System / Data Acquisition – Design, Building, & Installation (RedLion, Eurotherm)
  • Cyber Security (MTL / Belden Tofino)
  • Electrical Mechanical Design (AutoCAD)
  • HMI (Red Lion, Eurotherm, Proface, Panel View, GE QuickPanel, Factory Talk View ME, Qlarity, Allen Bradley, PanelView, AutomationDirect, Red Lion, Omron)
  • Motion (Pacific Scientific, Trio Motion, Allen Bradley, AutomationDirect)
  • Panel Design & Building
  • PID Control Tuning & Programming (Allen Bradley, Eurotherm, Opto22, National Instruments, GE, Siemens, Omron, Modicon, Rockwell. RS500, Horner, AutomationDirect)
  • PLC / DCS Programming (Eurotherm, Foxboro, Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Modicon, Horner, Omron, GE, AutomationDirect)
  • Process Instrumentation (Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Gas Analysis & Leak Detection)
  • Protocol Conversion (Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, RS232, RS422, RS485, BACnet, Ethernet IP)
  • Radio (Elpro, Phoenix, Banner, MDS)
  • Recorders (Chessell, Yokogawa)
  • SCADA (Iconics, Wonderware, Intellution, Factory Talk View SE, Labview, RSView, Citect, AutomationDirect)
  • Wireless Spread Spectrum & Cellular Radios / Modems (Elpro, Sixnet, Red Lion, Sierra, Hirschmann)
Levels of Expertise:
Level 1 – Calibrations, Repairs & Installations
Level 2 – Instrumentation / PLC / SCADA Design, Electrical Design, Drawings & Panel Building
Level 3 – Process / Plant Engineering & Project Management
Level 4 – Control Engineers with Background in Industrial Networking, Cyber Security, PLC / SCADA & Instrumentation

The On-Site Service Bulletin Board

Dexter Vilar
Dexter Vilar above an 8-story beverage tank.
Cass Janoski
Cass Janoski above an orange juice facility, NYC in background.
Cass Janoski municipal water-tower
Cass Janoski at a municipal water tower during the 2018 “Bombogenesis” snowstorm.
Cass Janoski calibrating
Cass Janoski calibrating a Draeger detector in Pearl River, NY, wearing the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE).

Dave Fairlie & Katherine Pendrak
Dave Fairlie & Katherine Pendrak selfie at a hospital customer
Katherine Pendrak ppe
Katherine Pendrak posing in PPE chic
Jim Dickert
Jim Dickert smiles as he records a facility in the background of a selfie
Dave Fairlie & Stephen Arnold
Dave Fairlie & Stephen Arnold brave a black widow spider at a facility (they are not arachnophobic)

Cass Janoski, Eric Gottlieb, Katherine Pendrak & John Lamp represent NSI services at a conference
Steven Arnold
Steven Arnold with the back of a panel infested with spiders
Cass Janoski
Cass Janoski atop a tank (no fear of heights in this man)
Stephen Arnold’s “attack cat.”
Stephen Arnold’s “attack cat”
Steve Slavutsky and Ken Taylor
Steve Slavutsky (Draeger regional sales manager) & Ken Taylor, roughing it
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson tests a wireless system under blizzard conditions
Mark Reich & Dave Neal
Mark Reich & Dave Neal find the “secret panel” (in red) hidden behind a bush
Dave Fairlie
Dave Fairlie (left) in Alabama

Dave Fairlie aboard a cherry picker.
Dave Fairlie aboard a cherry picker
Peter Jackson at DEP, NYC.
Peter Jackson at DEP, NYC
Eric Gottlieb
Eric Gottlieb, the Tidy Transmitter Man (the factory would not accept a dirty transmitter)