What our Customers are Saying

Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer: Biochemist/Scientist

“Working in a highly regulated environment, Neal Systems was able to implement state-of-the-art controller systems for our fermentation process under GMP conditions. I have been working with them for more than two years now and have found their engineers to be very highly knowledgeable and their services to be customer-focused.

What strikes me as most important about their engineers is their experience and involvement in our validation process, especially in the field of Computer Systems Validation (CSV). As a result, we have successfully implemented new controllers while our equipment remain in validated state.”

Equipment Division Manager: Tim Fudge

Bulk Chemicals (Manufacturer of specialty chemicals to the coil-coating industry)

“I provide process control and data acquisition solutions for our customers.We have required the services of a systems integrator for complex control and reporting solutions beyond our in-house capabilities.

We chose Neal Systems.Their engineering and sales staff was always capable and willing to take on any task.But what really impressed me most was the service after the sale.I would certainly recommend their services and continue to utilize them as my primary sub-contractor.It is always great to deal with bright, capable people.”

Corporate Quality Manager: Mike Moyer

Solar Atmospheres (Largest Commercial Vacuum Treating company in North America)

“Neal Systems was brought in to show us what they could provide for us in the way of electronic data collection for our 32 heat treating furnaces in our four plants in Souderton, Hatfield, Telford, and Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

Not only was their Eurotherm/Chessell line superior to the competition, but the service has been exceptional. Our system has been on-line and working, which is more than I can say for our old system.We are able to view the recorders from our work stations in real-time… and retrieve data quickly and efficiently… our customers love them, which is the ultimate test.”

Engineering Manager: Thomas L. Cunard, P.E.

Balchem Corporation (Provider specialty chemicals to the healthcare industry)

“Our projects usually depend on fast track completion.Neal Systems possesses the distinct capability of being able to accurately interpret the control system requirements, convert the specification into a working system, all with no delays or confusion, for a remarkable low price.

We try to hire sub-contractors like Neal Systems, who will stand by us through the difficult period of implementation and startup.They were always there for us, and provided a system that we will be proud of in the future.'”

Senior Electronics Technician: Mike Duffy

Safe Harbor Water and Power (Susquehanna River Hydro-electric plant providing energy to Constellation Energy in Maryland and PPL in Pennsylvania)

“We originally worked with Neal Systems on a project requiring dissolved oxygen measurement at the tailwater discharge of our generators. During that project, they introduced us to wireless technology that works great in our plant — it even goes through the many layers of concrete and metal in our plant straight into our control room.

We have since used Neal Systems for other projects, and they are currently helping us upgrade our aging paper-based recorders. However, what I like best about Neal Systems is that they are legitimately fun to work with, and provide as much support as is needed to make sure everything works right and continues to work right. I feel confident that at the end of a project, I will be happy with the final results.”

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