Cellular Modem Upgrade


Have you got a 2G or 3G modem installed?


If you are currently using a 2G or 3G cellular modem in your operation then it is time to upgrade. 

Cellular modems will not be operable after Dec 31, 2019 without 4G / LTE capability. This switch should be done in advance to avoid any lapses in network communication. 



Neal Systems has a fast, easy, and cost effective solution to upgrade you to 4G / LTE. 

Our upgrade process takes roughly 2-3 weeks, with expedites available, from order placement to a fully functioning 4G / LTE cellular modem system. When going through Neal Systems, you will avoid unnecessary fees and will streamline your upgrade process. 

Neal Systems has been upgrading modem technology for over 10 years with a dedicated engineer working individually with each customer to ensure their transition from the 2G / 3G technology is seamless. 

Waiting to upgrade could mean higher fees from cellular providers, as well as longer lead-times for products once we start getting close to the 2G/3G modem obsolesence. 

Contact us HERE to find the best and most economical solution for your 2G / 3G upgrade to 4G / LTE. 



Recommended Products for Transition


SN6901VZ/AT Data Sheet


SN6921VZ/AT Data Sheet
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