Why use surge protectors on your application?

November 12, 2019 | Product News

Surge protectors usually are triggered and reset when there is a potentially damaging electrical surge in signal cables. Only when the surge goes above 20kA or more do these devices fail, which is what can be seen in the photos below.

When these types of surges occur, without protection, the entire panel would likely be destroyed. Instead, a small economical device takes the hit, breaks the circuit and the entire panel is protected.

The photo shows a melted and exploded-looking MTL SD32MDX. The energy this device was able to take and divert saved the connected sensitive electrical equipment from destruction.

For around $100 a piece you can potentially save thousands in repairs and replacements with a simple installation of a surge protection unit.

Happy Halloween from NSI!

October 31, 2019 | Company News

The Neal Systems team decided to embrace our inner office and recreated some of our favorite characters!

From left to right we give you: Peter Jackson – Creed, Dexter Vilar – Oscar, Laura Kaine – Dwight, Taylor Kimble – Angela, Helen (aka Big Helly) –  Phyllis, Dave Neal – Toby, Shane Filer – Michael Scott, Heather Rajan – Pam, Rosa Brothman – Jim, Theresa (making her debut as NSI’s newest intern) – Karen, and last but not least John Lamp – Ryan. 


Hitech Webstore Now Available

October 24, 2019 | Company News

You can now easily configure and purchase the entire Hitech product line from the Neal Systems webstore. Our webstore allows you to make fast purchases with all available options, configurations and datasheets easily accessible.

The NSI engineers are the North American experts in gas measurement using the entire range of Hitech product solutions. We can assist you all the way from product selection to purchase, repair and service.

Click the image below to visit the Hitech Webstore!

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