Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products Acquisition

April 1, 2021 | Company News

Neal Systems Inc. of Newtown, PA, as of April 1, 2021, has acquired Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products of Hellertown, PA. This acquisition enables Neal Systems Inc. to create a more diverse portfolio of product and service offering that will better serve the entirety of our customer base.  

Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products has been leading in the industry with their extensive knowledge of the Schneider Electric SAT product line, bulk material weighing, radio, temperature and heater applications. This additional expertise will expand our abilities to provide more well-rounded and complete plant and process solutions for our customers. The Neal Systems Inc. product lines will now include: Cattron/Aquavx, Kistler-Morse Inc, Minco, GE MDS, Thayer Scale, Babbitt International and Kobold.  

Our growth with this acquisition is not solely product based, but rather a growth of internal and external support for our customers. We now have a more efficient, faster, and more knowledgeable inside support team to increase turnaround time and offer a higher level of engineering and applications support. Our new team also brings enhanced experience in radio surveys, which will increase our field survey capabilities.  

We look forward to being able to service our customers on a wider scale. For any questions on this acquisition or our latest product or solution offers, please contact 

Automation Service: Remanufactured Process Controls and Newly Manufactured Pneumatics

March 16, 2021 | Company News

Neal Systems is now representing Automation Service for all customers throughout eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey.  This addition allows Neal Systems to better serve our industrial customers with the highest quality, shortened lead time and competitively priced remanufactured process control solutions, as well as NEW Foxboro pneumatic instruments.  

Automation Service offers a 2-to-3-week standard delivery, a savings of 40-70% on comparable repairs, reliable products, and a 2-year service warranty. The remanufactured products are originally manufactured by Foxboro, Fisher, Rosemount, Honeywell, AMETEK, and Micro Motion. The Foxboro line now includes both new and remanufactured pneumatic transmitters: 43AP, 11DM/GM, 13A, 13FE, and 15A, as well as other pressure transmitters and controllers.  There also is a recycling program for your facility where you can receive payment for returns on all of the equipment above. 

We know our customers prefer using some products that may no longer be available or have extraordinary repair costs. Automation Service is the perfect solution to keep your tried-and-true products up and running in your plant.  

If you have a control valve, actuator, positioner, controller, transducer, regulator, transmitter, magnetic flowmeter, flowtube, vortex flowmeter, or recorders that needs replaced, contact us for a quote for a remanufactured solution!  

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