PA Rural Water Conference ft. Pete Hutwelker

July 30, 2021 | Company News

NSI is happy to announce our very own Technical Director Pete Hutwelker, the former President of ES2, will be teaching a course on Chlorination Dosing / Chemical Feed at the PA Rural Water Conference during the August 24-26 event in State College, PA. Pete has been teaching DEP-approved courses on Chlorination Dosing / Chemical Feed, as well as Instrumentation and Controls for the past 20-years across Pennsylvania.  

The NSI team will also be located at Booth 123, where you can meet the infamous British gentleman, Peter Jackson, not from Lord of the Rings fame – but rather from Chessell recorder fame! 

 Learn more about Pete and our other trainers here!

 To learn more about the conference or sign-up to learn from Pete here!

Upgrades To Temperature Expertise and Offerings!

July 13, 2021 | Company News

NSI upgrades its Temperature expertise and offering – Since its inception, NSI was built around temperature control and data acquisition with the Eurotherm/Chessell product line.  Recently NSI acquired Magyar / Nutech Controls, and now combines the NSI team’s strong temperature control / data acquisition expertise with the Magyar team’s strong temperature sensing and heating expertise through Minco.

From space flights to medical implants to semiconductors to chocolate to automotive parts to airplanes to atom colliders – Neal Systems is now providing product to critical parts of our world through the Eurotherm and Minco product lines.  Minco designs custom miniature temperature sensors and flexible heaters that are used in everything from coffee makers to medical devices to space gloves to airplane windshields.  If you need to measure temperature accurately or provide heat in a tight space, Minco custom designs temperature solutions to thousands of applications that you likely use every day, and are made in the USA.  Eurotherm provides the necessary control and data acquisition needed for highly accurate temperature control applications found in aerospace, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, research and development, semiconductor, and heat treat applications across the world.  

The Neal Systems team of engineers (control, electrical, and mechanical fields of study) are highly trained to help solve all of your temperature challenges!

Tank Level Measurements

June 8, 2021 | Product News

Tank level measurements can be made in 50 different ways, which means our customers have a variety of options for their specific needs. In this application, the customer used a D/P cell “spud” type tri-clamp connection, which is easily removed for sanitary applications.

The large diaphragm of the seal converts the pressure from the fluid onto the pressure sensor in the transmitter housing. This pressure can be converted to level based on the density of the liquid.

The advantage of this method is that it is tried and tested for nearly every liquid level application and that you can get very close to the tank bottom to determine empty vessel conditions. 

Because the customer is using an IGP10S transmitter w/ 11 different preprogrammed calibration curves, the transmitter is very accurate both at the high and low end of the tank. 

Interested in this method? Contact one of our engineers here!

Rugged & Portable Vibration Data Acquisition Solution

June 7, 2021 | Product News

Vibration monitoring and analysis platforms manufactured by Alta Solutions have been rebranded and sold for years by familiar industry trade names. Now the industry’s best kept secret is available directly from the source.

The best rugged and portable vibration data acquisition solution is now available through Neal Systems. 

The AS-1250FE offers a rugged semi-permanent vibration data acquisition solution for assets that need extra attention. Combine this with AS-410 Vibration Analyzer software and the AS-5050 Ruggedized Enclosure for an advanced monitoring package that can be transported from asset to asset as needed.

Lets’ start the conversation about how NSI and Alta Solutions can help your facility meet its maintenance objectives for predictive and condition-based monitoring.

Digital Proximity System (DPS)

June 2, 2021 | Product News

If you have a rotary machine that utilizes lube-oil rather than ball-bearings, you probably are used to using proximity probes to determine various properties of the shaft and its rotation.  For the past 40 years, almost all of the electronics drivers for the proximity / cable probe combination have been ANALOG – custom built for the specific probe type and cable length, and custom calibrated for the type of material of the rotor. 

 Metrix Vibration, who designed the first 4-20 mA vibration transmitter, now also has the first DIGITAL proximity system (DPS – either a driver or transmitter).  One DPS can be programmed on-site for axial, radial, or thrust, with almost any type of probe, any length of cable, any type of material, and the be precision calibrated to give you the most accurate measurement possible. 

Here’s a great animation showing the power of the DPS for an external mounting on a large machine case.


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