Samsara: A better remote monitoring solution

April 3, 2020 | Product News

Samsara is a cloud-based industrial data monitoring system that is approaching the same flexibility and power as a hardwired SCADA system, but at a lower cost and higher convenience. Our Samsara gateways will allow our technicians to securely VPN into your cloud connected control equipment. We can then perform remote services that would have otherwise required an in-person service call.

Our technical group can not only service these products, but we can design dashboard and alerts based on your specific site parameters. With these advancements in remote monitoring, your site can be safely and accurately remotely monitored from home.

We will be providing video demos for you and prioritizing remote monitoring system installations for customers needing to safely monitor equipment away from their site. 

Calibration Services

April 1, 2020 | Company News

During the COVID-19 pandemic we’re making every effort to support our customers and their essential control and measuring instrumentation needs. With travel restrictions and site access limited for many companies, we guarantee a quick turnaround and no shipping costs anywhere in the US to calibrate your essential instrumentation.

Our team will calibrate the following instruments: Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Recorders, Temperature Controllers, Portable Gas Analyzers, and Fixed Gas Detectors

The calibration service order form can be found here

EPA Temporary Ease of Enforcement

March 30, 2020 | Company News

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a statement last week outlining a new temporary policy that eases enforcement related to federal environmental permits, regulations, and statutes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The full statement can be viewed here

As related to routine compliance monitoring and reporting by regulated entities the EPA states: 

“The consequences of the pandemic may constrain the ability of regulated entities to perform routine compliance monitoring, integrity testing, sampling, laboratory analysis, training, and reporting or certification.”

This temporary policy makes clear that while there is an ease of enforcement, the standards are still in place, and the industries impacted should be making every effort to comply. Potentially impacted compliance monitoring and reporting include CEMS, tank integrity testing, wastewater effluent, air emissions, cooling tower testing, amongst others. Compliance in drinking water is still being held to the highest standard. 

Remote monitoring is one way that the team at Neal Systems is continuing to assist our nations essential services continue to monitor and record at regulatory levels. Our latest remote monitoring technology allows for our engineers to securely VPN into cloud connected equipment. This enables for more services to be performed remotely than ever before. Our preferred cloud-based technology allows for the highest level of monitoring and reporting possible, without having to physically access the sites. 

The ease of current enforcement has opened a window for companies not currently using remote monitoring technologies to implement the use now in order to stay as compliant in their reporting and monitoring as possible. 

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