Configuring Schneider Electric’s Foxboro RTT15S Temperature Transmitter

February 11, 2019 | Product News

The RTT15S Temperature Transmitter is a microprocessor based temperature transmitter that uses HART communication protocol. In addition to thermocouples and 2, 3, or 4 wire RTDs, the unit can take in ohm and millivolt signals. The RTT15S is in an explosion=proof housing with optional display and optical buttons for local configuration. This unit is also available as a basic module that can be surface or DIN rail mounted.  Basic configurations on the RTT15S is a snap! Take a look at our newest video HERE highlighting Schneider Electric’s Foxboro RTT15S Temperature Transmitter.

Reliable and Accurate Flow Measurement with Schneider Electric’s Foxboro 84 Series Vortex Meter

January 28, 2019 | Product News


Schneider Electric’s Foxboro 84 Series Vortex Meter is one of the most reliable and accurate vortex meters. These meters are able to detect the weakest vortices at the lowest flow rates without loss in accuracy or resolution. In order for this application to be most reliable you need to know your low flow cut-off point. Calculating this point is easy and done simply by sizing your meter. You can size your meter by clicking here!


January 23, 2019 | Product News


Neal System’s On-Site Service Tech, Bill Conway, fills us in on how simple it is to calibrate using a Schneider Electric Smart PH Probe. Schneider Electric’s Foxboro Smart Technology has an edge above the rest. The Smart PH Probe gives you the ability to store your calibration right in the sensor itself! This means you can transport the sensor back and forth from the field, calibrate it, and reattach. There is no longer a need to deal with adverse weather or environmental conditions while trying to calibrate. For more videos like this one you can view Neal Systems YouTube Channel HERE

Starring (By Order of Appearance):

Shane Filer – General Manager

Bill Conway – Service Tech

Voice 1: Taylor Kimble – Applications Specialist

Voice 2: John Lamp – Applications Engineer


January 14, 2019 | Company News

Neal Systems is pleased to welcome Brian Weischedel, formerly of East Penn Manufacturing. Brian has spent the last 30 years in process control instrumentation and automation in the manufacturing field with a background in programmable logic controllers, variable-frequency drives, SCADA, Life Sciences validation work, hydraulics, pneumatics, and enclosure building. He brings to the job wide and deep expertise and experience, skilled problem-solving, persistence, and attention to detail that make him a great addition to the Neal Systems Services Team.


November 28, 2018 | Company News

Neal Systems is pleased to announce its new partnership with Spirax Sarco, one of the most recognized control valve companies in the world. We already provide superior pressure, flow, level, and temperature solutions from Schneider Electric (Foxboro and Eurotherm) for customers doing flow control of steam and process applications. We are excited to marry our existing mastery of those solutions with the expertise and products of the Spirax team. Why did we choose Spirax Sarco? Besides the powerful Spirax Sarco name, they recently made a unique change as to how they provide control valves. They listened to what customers really wanted. The answer wasn’t any special technology — they instead recognized that because of the speed and simplicity of Amazon, customers expect (and need) valve deliveries to be fast. As a result, they have totally revamped their methods and processes so that they now ship out 90%+ of their valves within four days. FOUR DAYS. That’s amazing, since valve shipments are often measured in months. We’d like the chance to earn your business. Please give us a call to take a test drive with the Neal Systems team, powered by Schneider Electric and Spirax Sarco.


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