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Dexter Vilar, Applications Engineer

Dexter Vilar’s experience with industrial process controls and data acquisition dates back to 1992, the year he graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Through the years, he has held positions as a Product Marketing Manager, Technical Writer and Instructor, Territory Manager, and Applications Engineer.


Walter Freeman, Senior Applications Engineer

30+ Years in Instrumentation, Gas Detection, Valves, & Data Acquisition

Studied Chemical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Areas of Specialty:  Steam Submetering

Walter works in Metro NY/NJ aiding customers with specifying and implementing process measurement and automation solutions. He has recently given training on pH measurement: Theory and Practice, Control Valve Selection, Industrial Flow Measurement


Wayne Martin, Territory Manager

20+ in Wastewater and Water Process Control

Studied Mechanical Engineering at Fairmount State University

Areas of Specialty: System integrations of SCADA, PLC, instrumentation, process control, gas detection and communications systems.


Pete Hutwelker, Technical Director

40+ in the Industry

Studied Electrical Construction at Penn College of Technology

Areas of Specialty: All aspects of measurement and control in water, wastewater, and landfill industries.  Special areas of knowledge include chemical feed systems (chlorine primarily) and flare gas systems.

Pete founded ES2 Environmental Systems and Equipment Service, Inc. prior to joining Neal Systems.  ES2 provided design, build, installation, services, process control, and chemical feed systems for water, wastewater and landfill treatment facilities.  He is an authorized Pennsylvania DEP trainer on chlorine chemical feed systems, and is famous for his chlorine trainings that he holds at the Cabela’s north of Reading, PA.


Shane Filer, General Manager

25 Years in the Industry

Studied Electrical Engineering at Grove City College

Areas of Specialty: Gas Leak Detection, Liquid Analysis (pH and Conductivity), Hazardous Area Electric Protection (Intrinsic Safety and Purging / Pressurization), Industrial Wireless

Shane has presented for dozens of industry trade shows  and magazines over the past 25 years, including various ISA sections (Lehigh Valley, Wilmington, Baltimore / Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Long Island) as well as industrial trade shows in the pharmaceutical, power, semiconductor, oil & gas, and chemical sectors.  He has also written many articles for numerous industrial magazines, including Power, Power Engineering, Ultrapure Water, Chemical Engineering Progress, Measurements and Control (M&C), and Power Plant Chemistry.

Shane uses humor a lot when he presents and has the worst dad-jokes on the planet.



Peter Jackson, Industrial Wireless Specialist and Water and Waste Water Business Development Manager

50+ Years in the Industry

Studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Brighton Polytechnic in East Sussex, UK.

Areas of Specialty: Wireless and cellular modems and data acquisition solutions

Peter has 20+ years of installing Wireless Radios (900 MHz and 2.4 GHz) as well as cellular modems (2G, 3G, and 4G). Extensive experience with data acquisition solutions, from design engineering of circular and strip chart recorders to modern day electronic data acquisition and RTU solutions for remote assets and regulatory reporting. His 20+ years of engineering experience with projects at hundreds of Industrial and Municipal sites makes him one of our most experienced and memorable trainers.

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