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Last Chance: Free Seminar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

October 24, 2022 | Company News

GE MDS Educational Seminar including Hands-On Learning

Join NSI and GE MDS in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to learn about new trends, tools and technologies for cellular and ethernet radios







Register now! Email Shane Filer:

New Jersey:




304 US-22


Register now! Email Shane Filer:

What to expect…

Next Generation TransNEXT Highlights & Orbit Platform enhancements

Software Tools for Programming and Operation

Best Practices: Troubleshooting

Furnace Retrofits for Control and Remote Visuals at an Industrial Gas Facility

October 18, 2022 | Company News

Problem: An industrial gas company had ten ovens with 1980’s technology. None of the ovens were networked together and there were no drawings for most of the ovens. Over the decades, multiple minor wiring modifications had turned each enclosure into a bird’s nest of unintelligible wiring. When something went wrong, it took maintenance hours to troubleshoot. 

Each of the ovens had the following specifications:

34″ x 22″ x 44″ Chamber

2350 degrees F Max Temp +/-20 degrees F Uniformity

Electric Heating Elements with Solid State Power Controllers

48KW @ 480/3/60 60 Amps

Vertical door with Electric Gear Motor

Solution: NSI worked in conjunction with L&L Furnace of Aston, PA to upgrade the entire control system.  The chosen solution involved supplying controller / recorder solutions with the Eurotherm Nanodac, adding power monitoring with the M-System 53U power meter, networking all the ovens together and displaying all SP’s, PVs and alarms on a centralized 15” Weintek OIT, generating a powerful local notification system using the M-System IT60SRE Modbus TCP driven stacklight, and providing a cloudbased historian and remote alarming using a SCADACore Viacell edge device.  Everything was then tied together with Eurotherms’ ‘out-of-the-box’ oven SCADA system.  All of this had to be done for a budget that wouldn’t break the bank.

The Nanodac is a large I/O count, cyberhardened two loop controller with built-in setpoint profiling, function block programming, encrypted data logging and Modbus TCP communications.

Three CT’s were added to each oven and connected to the M-System 53U power meter, which has a Modbus RTU interface.  This was connected to a Lantronix converter, thus providing a Modbus TCP interface, allowing massive amounts of power data to be extracted, stored and analyzed.

The Weintek display is used as a central operator station to show profile status, alarms and current oven temperatures for all ten of the ovens.

The M-System IT60SRE Modbus TCP stacklight was delivered with four lights. Each light can be off, solid or flashing and all driven by Modbus commands.  This gives the operator a wealth of available messages using combinations of lights and light states and all done with just power wiring and a Cat5 cable.  This again, reduces installation time, materials and subsequently cost.   

The SCADACore Viacell communicates to all ten Nanodacs over Modbus TCP and sends status, temperature and alarm information to the cloud.  This is used as a back-up historian and to alert supervisors to any alarms.

The Eurotherm Oven SCADA system automatically recognizes the Nanodac controller and all relevant parameter addresses are pre-programmed.  With its pre-built graphical interfaces, this means that a complete SCADA system can be developed in a day and commissioned over a second day thus reducing the project costs drastically.

During the installation process, all the surplus wiring was removed, remaining wiring tidied up and traced.  ‘As-built’ AutoCAD drawings were then developed and delivered to the customer as part of the sign-off package.

End Result: The customer is now able to see both temperature controls and energy meters from every networked furnace from their control room.  Within the first month, they were able to quickly see broken heater elements such that they did not have to start / restart oven runs multiple times.   

Contact us today if you have old furnaces or ovens with controls that need to be networked and upgraded!

Advanced Temperature Control and Hazardous Area Expertise

August 31, 2022 | Company News

NSI provides advanced temperature control and hazardous area expertise to production of clean energy solutions from heavy oil feedstock.  NSI was chosen for two excellent reasons:

  1. Expertise in advanced temperature control
  2. Process visualization in a hazardous area environment

From a temperature perspective, the electric heaters will be fired by over 100 Eurotherm EPack power controllers for electric heaters, all of which will feature partial / full load failure break detection with associated alarming through Modbus TCP communications.  Control will be handled by the powerful Eurotherm 2750 Multi-loop control system.

From a hazardous area perspective, the SCRs will be housed in a purged panel, using a purge system made by EXPO Technologies. The thermocouples for the project will be brought into the system through intrinsic safety method, using the MTL 831C for over 150+ thermocouples.  The remaining 4-20 mA and I/O will be handled via intrinsic safety by the unique MTL SUM5 series, a digitally-programmable IS system.

Our expertise is known in the industry.  

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