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Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems

November 21, 2019 | Product News

The Foxboro Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems (TRSS) is a logic control and data acquisition system built around the unique features and benefits of the following products: EcoStruxure GeoSCADA Expert Process Visualization Software (formerly known as ClearSCADA), Foxboro ScadaPACK Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Accutech Wireless Instrumentation, Trio Data Radios. 

Schneider Electric Foxboro TRSS can be configured and set-up via programs using menu-driven, table-driven, and point-and-click developer interfaces. Also, TRSS is optimized to be a data exchange method that fully embraces the advantages, robustness, and efficiency of the DNP3 protocol.

Neal System’s team of expert engineers can work with you to build the best system for your specific application using the Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems (TRSS) products.

Want to learn more about the individual products or TRSS as a whole? Contact one of our application engineers here! 

Why use surge protectors on your application?

November 12, 2019 | Product News

Surge protectors usually are triggered and reset when there is a potentially damaging electrical surge in signal cables. Only when the surge goes above 20kA or more do these devices fail, which is what can be seen in the photos below.

When these types of surges occur, without protection, the entire panel would likely be destroyed. Instead, a small economical device takes the hit, breaks the circuit and the entire panel is protected.

The photo shows a melted and exploded-looking MTL SD32MDX. The energy this device was able to take and divert saved the connected sensitive electrical equipment from destruction.

For around $100 a piece you can potentially save thousands in repairs and replacements with a simple installation of a surge protection unit.

Configuring Schneider Electric’s Foxboro RTT15S Temperature Transmitter

February 11, 2019 | Product News

The RTT15S Temperature Transmitter is a microprocessor based temperature transmitter that uses HART communication protocol. In addition to thermocouples and 2, 3, or 4 wire RTDs, the unit can take in ohm and millivolt signals. The RTT15S is in an explosion=proof housing with optional display and optical buttons for local configuration. This unit is also available as a basic module that can be surface or DIN rail mounted.  Basic configurations on the RTT15S is a snap! Take a look at our newest video HERE highlighting Schneider Electric’s Foxboro RTT15S Temperature Transmitter.

Reliable and Accurate Flow Measurement with Schneider Electric’s Foxboro 84 Series Vortex Meter

January 28, 2019 | Product News


Schneider Electric’s Foxboro 84 Series Vortex Meter is one of the most reliable and accurate vortex meters. These meters are able to detect the weakest vortices at the lowest flow rates without loss in accuracy or resolution. In order for this application to be most reliable you need to know your low flow cut-off point. Calculating this point is easy and done simply by sizing your meter. You can size your meter by clicking here!

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