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January 19, 2022 | Product News

EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert, formerly Control Microsystems ClearSCADA, is designed to transform field data into business-relevant information and optimize the operation and management of remote assets across critical infrastructures. Geo SCADA works equally well with smaller on-site SCADA systems as well as multiregional systems with layers of redundancy and scalability to millions of monitored points.

Using high performance graphics, geographical displays, historian analytics and intelligent alarms, Geo SCADA Expert delivers real-time data intelligence, transforming key process insights into information that is instrumental in optimizing operation efficiency and managing geographically dispersed assets.

Total cost of ownership is a critical factor in measuring the value of a SCADA system since it is a function of up-front and ongoing costs associated with product configuration, operation and maintenance.

Geo SCADA Expert helps to reduce costs across the entire system with optimized SCADA functionality, easy to modify and replicate object templates.


Rightsize Your Approach to Recip Monitoring

January 12, 2022 | Product News

5580 Signal Conditioner & SW5580 Dual Channel Switch

Until now, monitoring reciprocating compressors has not been for the faint of heart. At installed costs often exceeding $100,000 per throw, incumbent solutions – although very capable and comprehensive – have been cost-effective for only the most critical class of machines conforming to API 618 standards. 
But what about other units such as those conforming to ISO-13631? In all likelihood, they’re under monitored or even unmonitored because historically, the economics simply haven’t penciled out.
Enter the Metrix 5580 smart signal conditioner and SW5580 dual channel switch. A fully configurable design means a single universal device can address various channel types including rod drop, frame vibration, impact, crosshead acceleration, as well as vibration, speed, and position measurements on the prime mover. 
At installed costs of less than $10,000 per throw, the justification threshold for monitoring has been dramatically reduced – by a factor of 10X in some cases. Sensors, services, and a rightsized monitoring approach that leverages your existing control system’s monitoring capabilities.
Put our innovation to work on your recips! Rightsize Your Approach With The Right Numbers!

Simplifying complexity in the hydrogen economy

January 6, 2022 | Company NewsProduct News


Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an odourless, invisible gas with a colourful future. It is likely to play a significant part in the future of the physical transportation of power and as an environmentally friendly fuel to power transport. On a weight for weigh basis, the energy density of hydrogen is many times that of gasoline, diesel, or Li batteries.

However hydrogen is also highly combustible, and it’s highly probable that systems producing, distributing or using hydrogen, will need to comply with stringent codes and standards around safety and explosion prevention.

Many governments are rolling out long term hydrogen strategies, aiming at decarbonising a significant proportion of their energy use over the coming decades. Follow these links to 3 examples: USA, Europe Union & UK.

Where does Expo fit in? 

As these plans are beginning to be realised, new infrastructure and supply chains are emerging. While some hydrogen will directly replace natural gas in existing infrastructure – for instance combustion in gas fired power stations, or in domestic hot water heating systems, a significant proportion will be used in applications for the first time – for instance road vehicle refuelling.

To drive these new applications, new end-users, manufacturers and OEMs will become involved in generating, moving, or using hydrogen – some with little or no previous experience with hazardous areas. That’s why specialist companies, such as Expo Technologies, are becoming increasingly involved. Our 60+ years of hazardous area know-how, developed from supporting hydrocarbon industries, directly maps to the hydrogen supply chain. 

Expo has already worked on a number of projects across the vehicle refuelling sector – you can read some recent case studies here:

Other useful resources – external links

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