Hazardous Area Electrical Protection

Process and plant considerations will often require the installation of electrical systems and instruments in hazardous atmospheres that pose the potential danger for electrical ignition, resulting in fire or explosion. This concern is particularly common in chemical manufacturing, oil and gas refineries, oilfield equipment and services, and other industries where combustible liquids, gases, or vapors are found. Neal Systems has 25+ years of experience helping plants choose a safe and reliable electrical protection solution for their signals, displays, and panels in hazardous areas. 

Intrinsic Safety Protection

MTL products are used in all types of hazardous locations, from offshore oil and gas platforms, power production plants, and petrochemical installations to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and other manufacturing plants. MTL is a recognized world leader in fieldbus power systems and wiring components, intrinsic safety interfaces, and surge protection techniques as well as being a leading authority in industrial Ethernet and HMI / visualization for hazardous locations.


MTL’s barriers passively prevent dangerous electrical signals through the use of a Zener diode to divert excess electrical energy to the ground. Isolators perform a similar function with simplified installation and elimination of ground fluctuation problems.


MTL offers a range of notification products to keep workers in hazardous areas informed quickly and clearly of any potential hazard. The range includes sounders, beacons, LED clusters, and alarm displays, all certified for use in potentially hazardous areas.

Purge Gas Protection

Purge and pressurization enables you to use any electrical equipment inside an enclosure in a hazardous location. Expo Technologies’ purge systems get your equipment up and running with comparatively quick installation, ready access, and easy maintenance.



Click here for Expo’s handy guide on hazardous location standards.


Positive pressure is used to prevent a hazardous situation from occurring within electrical component enclosures. Purge systems are a cost effective and practical solution for hazardous area electrical components in most industrial applications.


SmartPurge II


Expo offers custom designed pressurized enclosures for classified hazardous areas or general increased safety.

pressurized enclosures


Purge systems are available for classified hazardous areas involving combustible airborne particulates.

dust protection


EXPO can provide assistance in assessment of panels in order to guarantee certification, verification and testing of equipment to ensure conformity, validation to an expected certification body’s testing, and other engineering services.

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