Industrial Gas

Draeger Safety

Gas Leak Detectors for Oxygen, LEL, Arsine, Phosphine, Phosgene, Ammonia, Chlorine, Carbon Dioxide, Fluorine, Hydrochloric Acid, HydroFluoric Acid

Gas Leak and Flame Detection Systems

Portable Gas Detectors for Confined Space

Flame Detectors – Visual, UV, IR, UV/IR, and Triple IR

Schneider Electric

Process Instrumentation (Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature)

Wireless Instrumentation

Valves and Positioners

Eaton MTL

Intrinsic Safety Barriers, Isolators, Lights, Horns, and Marshalling Systems

Hazardous Area Displays and Visualization

Hazardous Area Power Supplies

Surge Protectors for Panels and Equipment

Foundation Fieldbus Power Supplies and Distribution Hardware

HART Multiplexing and Distribution

EXPO Purge Technologies

Purging and Pressurization Systems for Enclosures and Motors

Room Pressurization Systems

Automation Service

New or Remanufactured Foxboro Pneumatic Controllers

Remanufactured Rosemount and Foxboro Transmitters

Remanufactured Fisher Valves


Data Recorders

PID Temperature Controllers


Metrix Vibration Sensing / Protection for Reciprocating Compressors and High-Speed Turbo Machinery

Alta Solutions Machinery Monitoring Systems for Dynamic Vibration Data


Wireless Instrumentation (Pressure, Temperature)

GE MDS Wireless Radios

Elpro Wireless Radios


Temperature Sensors

Flex Circuit Temperature Sensing

Industrial Heaters

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