NANO 392

If you thought your Chessell circular recorder was becoming obsolete, then think again.

NANO392 provides a seamless upgrade incorporating Eurotherm’s latest graphical recording technology.

Crystal clear, color display
This secure recording device with a full color ¼ VGA display enables the user to customize the display in a trend format, bar graphs or numerically.

Data Acquisition and Recording
Data is recorded in a secure incorruptible UHH format 50Mb of integral flash memory, removable data via USB and data transfer via FTP for connection to a remote server.

Key Features

  • Secure data recording
  • Four universal isolated inputs
  • USB-removable data storage
  • Ethernet communications
  • Math
  • Totalizers
  • Web server

Simple On-Site Conversion

  • Disconnect the power supply
  • Unplug the chart platen
  • Remove two hinge screws and lift off the chart platen
  • Remove all the circuit boards
  • Replace the chart platen with the NANO392 platen
  • Mount the termination assembly in place of the input board
  • Reconnect the termination assembly to the field wiring
  • Connect the power leads to the recorder power supply terminal
  • Configure the NANO392 with parameters of the circular recorder



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