Vibration Monitoring

Mechanical failure of motors, drives, and other key electromechanical equipment is a common cause of unplanned downtime. Vibration is a key parameter in condition monitoring and diagnostics for such equipment in order to optimize maintenance and production and to reduce costs. Neal Systems has extensive experience with rotary machinery vibration solutions, from basic applications to advanced machinery protection systems designed for each critical machine.

Vibration Switches

Metrix provides electronic and mechanical vibration switches for overall vibration monitoring and trending without the necessity of complex systems. Metrix offers models with hazardous area ratings and explosion-proof housing. Their state-of-the-art electronic switches are programmable to suit user needs.

Proximity Sensing


The DPS is the world’s first digital proximity probe system and is fully programmable, fully digital, and fully API 670-compliant. This single programmable device can be configured to work with nearly any probe/cable/target-material combination, and supports probes from a variety of manufacturers.
Metrix offers an array of probes, cables, and drivers that are interchangeable with competitive probe systems. Replace individual components with their ProxMatch color coding system or purchase a complete proximity system with probe, extension cable and two-wire, loop-powered Trendsetter transmitter.



Metrix offers a full line of accelerometers that provides a solution to virtually every application. Seismic accelerometers and transmitters from Metrix easily mount to the machine casing for vibration monitoring across a wide range of requirements. They also offer frequency filtering.

Impact Transmitters

Reciprocating machinery follows a different set of rules than standard rotary equipment when it comes to sensing and diagnosing imbalance and looseness. Impact transmitters are designed to record the most pertinent information for monitoring the health of reciprocating machinery.

impact transmitters


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