New Release: RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs

July 17, 2023

New Release: RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs

We are excited to share the release of RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs.  As always, SCADAPack programming software is a FREE download for all users.

RemoteConnect is a single software tool for users to monitor, configure, program, and commission SCADAPack™ Smart RTUs including the 470i, 474i, 470, 474, and 57x. RemoteConnect is used with EcoStruxure™ Control Expert, an easy-to-use and powerful IEC 61131-3 logic editor, also used by Modicon™ PLCs. RemoteConnect R3.0.2 adds support for:• The new SCADAPack 470i and 474i (47xi) Remote Smart RTUs and Controllers with Integrated Edge Platform• DNP3 Octet String (g110) and Double-bit binary (g3) inputs with Double-bit binary input (g4) events• Maximum Event Storage of up to 100,000 DNP3 or IEC 60870-5-104 events• Windows 11 Professional (64-bit) In addition, the operation time performance for projects with a large number of DDT variables has been substantially improved. Key benefits include:• With SCADAPack 47xi use protocols such as MQTT, Sparkplug, OPC UA, SNMP, and REST API employing tools such as Node-RED®• Employ standard DNP3 telemetry protocol with integrated security features to help secure communications• Reduce RTU management costs associated with maintaining multiple applications and multi-file configurations• Leverage expertise across SCADAPack x70 and Modicon PLC projects by sharing and re-using IEC 61131-3 code and libraries• Transfer legacy SCADAPack C/C++ application code by using SCADAPack 47xi SDK• Store up to 250 million events on the RTU for analysis and review data using integrated graphic tool

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