Digital Proximity System (DPS)

June 2, 2021 | Product News

If you have a rotary machine that utilizes lube-oil rather than ball-bearings, you probably are used to using proximity probes to determine various properties of the shaft and its rotation.  For the past 40 years, almost all of the electronics drivers for the proximity / cable probe combination have been ANALOG – custom built for the specific probe type and cable length, and custom calibrated for the type of material of the rotor. 

 Metrix Vibration, who designed the first 4-20 mA vibration transmitter, now also has the first DIGITAL proximity system (DPS – either a driver or transmitter).  One DPS can be programmed on-site for axial, radial, or thrust, with almost any type of probe, any length of cable, any type of material, and the be precision calibrated to give you the most accurate measurement possible. 

Here’s a great animation showing the power of the DPS for an external mounting on a large machine case.


Cloud-Based Dashboard

May 24, 2021 | Company News

If you have remote assets (pumps, compressors, or wells) and need to monitor level, pressure, temperature, vibration, or other critical process values, NSI has 20 years of experience helping you access and visualize this data.  From autodialers to land-line modems to now cellular-based cloud data visualization, the options to easily see, store, and report this data has never been less expensive to put in place.  We can even help you take the cloud data and feed it into your existing SCADA system.    

Here’s a great visual example of a water treatment plant that we just helped spot a low pressure event at one of their remote wells.  The picture shows the cloud dashboard designed for the customer that is securely accessible from any mobile device or computer.     

Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products Acquisition

April 1, 2021 | Company News

Neal Systems Inc. of Newtown, PA, as of April 1, 2021, has acquired Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products of Hellertown, PA. This acquisition enables Neal Systems Inc. to create a more diverse portfolio of product and service offering that will better serve the entirety of our customer base.  

Magyar & Associates / NuTech Control Products has been leading in the industry with their extensive knowledge of the Schneider Electric SAT product line, bulk material weighing, radio, temperature and heater applications. This additional expertise will expand our abilities to provide more well-rounded and complete plant and process solutions for our customers. The Neal Systems Inc. product lines will now include: Cattron/Aquavx, Kistler-Morse Inc, Minco, GE MDS, Thayer Scale, Babbitt International and Kobold.  

Our growth with this acquisition is not solely product based, but rather a growth of internal and external support for our customers. We now have a more efficient, faster, and more knowledgeable inside support team to increase turnaround time and offer a higher level of engineering and applications support. Our new team also brings enhanced experience in radio surveys, which will increase our field survey capabilities.  

We look forward to being able to service our customers on a wider scale. For any questions on this acquisition or our latest product or solution offers, please contact 

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