New Product Line: Keller America

July 25, 2023 | Company News

New Product Line: Keller America

Neal Systems is proud to announce a new partnership with Keller America, one of the premiere lines of submersible pressure solutions for well level applications. Our representation extends to New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. 

Want fast deliveries?  Keller has it. 

Want great customer service?  Keller does it. 

Want a company that has everything you’ll need for a fast and affordable well level measurement – you guessed it – Keller. 


New Release: RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs

July 17, 2023 | Product News

New Release: RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs

We are excited to share the release of RemoteConnect 3.0.2 for SCADAPack x70 RTUs.  As always, SCADAPack programming software is a FREE download for all users.

RemoteConnect is a single software tool for users to monitor, configure, program, and commission SCADAPack™ Smart RTUs including the 470i, 474i, 470, 474, and 57x. RemoteConnect is used with EcoStruxure™ Control Expert, an easy-to-use and powerful IEC 61131-3 logic editor, also used by Modicon™ PLCs. RemoteConnect R3.0.2 adds support for:• The new SCADAPack 470i and 474i (47xi) Remote Smart RTUs and Controllers with Integrated Edge Platform• DNP3 Octet String (g110) and Double-bit binary (g3) inputs with Double-bit binary input (g4) events• Maximum Event Storage of up to 100,000 DNP3 or IEC 60870-5-104 events• Windows 11 Professional (64-bit) In addition, the operation time performance for projects with a large number of DDT variables has been substantially improved. Key benefits include:• With SCADAPack 47xi use protocols such as MQTT, Sparkplug, OPC UA, SNMP, and REST API employing tools such as Node-RED®• Employ standard DNP3 telemetry protocol with integrated security features to help secure communications• Reduce RTU management costs associated with maintaining multiple applications and multi-file configurations• Leverage expertise across SCADAPack x70 and Modicon PLC projects by sharing and re-using IEC 61131-3 code and libraries• Transfer legacy SCADAPack C/C++ application code by using SCADAPack 47xi SDK• Store up to 250 million events on the RTU for analysis and review data using integrated graphic tool

Important Announcement: Extended Territory

July 12, 2023 | Company News

Important Announcement: Extended Territory

Neal Systems is proud to announce that NSI was selected to extend our representation of the Schneider Electric Instrumentation and Remote Operations (SCADA / Telemetry / Wireless) lines into Western PA, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. Schneider has some exciting new products with the new SCADAPack 470i Edge RTU with Linux Processor, the IAN Bluetooth Wireless Pressure / Temperature transmitters, the GeoSCADA EcoStruxure software package for monitoring remote facilities, and the Battery-Powered, Cloud-Based Datalogger for remote pressure transmitters, flowmeters, and other assets. Picture of Schneider Electric Logo with the new 470i series overlaid on top of it.


Product Spotlight: DRAEGER REGARD 7000F

May 22, 2023 | Product News


A brief history is in order due to the highly innovative concept and design of the REGARD® 7000F, and its truly disruptive technology. Traditional fire panels from even before the 2000’s were large red cabinets designed to NFPA 72 standards. These analog fire panels independently monitored smoke, heat, call points and suppression systems. PLC-based Process Safety Systems functioned to connect Process Automation (DCS) systems with ESD/ESS (Emergency Shutdown) systems.

But communication between the three types of systems was often complicated by protocol conversions, limited to analog inputs from the fire panel, and/or requiring custom software links in order for the customer to perform the necessary emergency responses to alarms on their facilities. Simpler, more integrated systems were direly needed to reduce cost and increase reliability, resulting in smooth interconnectivity for fire panel, SIS/ESD and DCS systems. The first edition of UL 864 was released in October, 1948 with the most recent “10th Edition” released in May, 2020.

Over the last decade the market was demanding an even more simple and reliable controller that could reduce the complexity and cost of the PLCs being used to monitor both NFPA 72 Fire panels and Safety Instrumented Systems without requiring a PLC. Programming PLCs in the field was just too expensive and time consuming. This is where the REGARD® 7000F comes in. It is a simple, menu-driven logic controller for both fire (NFPA 72) and safety (SIS/ESD) systems.

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Here are some key benefits of the REGARD® 7000F system, and why it is a disruptive technology (significant changes to the industry in terms of cost savings and operational excellence):

  • A fully integrated, single platform, NFPA 72-compliant F&G Combination System that will now be UL 864 approved
  • One integrated Masterless system – not an Analogue fire panel and PLC in an enclosure
  • One platform for Process Safety System, Fire Systems and Gas Detection Controllers throughout the facility reduces training requirements & spare parts inventory
  • ONLY Integrated F&G system of any kind with Certified Process Safety System SIL 2c3 capability – without the need for on-site software engineering support
  • Enables optimized hazard mitigation without the requirement for multiple Fire Panels

This solution will offer end users significant cost savings in a smaller footprint with a less complex, highly reliable (e.g. SIL 2c3) system.


Application Note: Designing A Wireless SCADA System for a Municipal Water Plant

May 3, 2023 | Company News


A large water filtration plant was in need of a wireless control system for their 20 pumping stations scattered a few square miles apart from each other. Their previous system was failing and hardware was no longer being supported. Operators would run from pump to pump, hoping to catch any issues before they became bigger problems. Moreover, the growing forests and terrain made it difficult for the radios to communicate effectively. Neal Systems redesigned and built them a brand new system, migrating their system to the new one while keeping the existing one operating as possible.


Their new system needed to control, record, and monitor data from their pumps i.e. flow, pressure, well depth, etc. Regulations require monthly pump data, so the ability to view historical data and generate reports is vital. The customer wanted to use wireless technology. Ethernet base licensed radio and cellular modems were used to communicate around terrain and forested areas.


With that in mind, NSI designed a communications network around terrain and trees, and set up radio communications. Elpro radios were used for the licensed radio communications, and Scadacore celluar modems were used where license radio communication wasn’t usable. The communication protocol is DNP3, which allows the plant to view time-stamped data even when the network connection is lost. DNP3 is great for plants that have strict regulatory requirements. The Schneider Electric SCADAPak 474’s were the control PLCs, and GeoSCADA was used for the scada system, allowing them to monitor and control the system and
view historical data. XLReporter was used to create spreadsheet based reports from the GeoSCADA historical data. SCADACore system is used to monitor the system for alarm conditions and call plant operator(s) when alarms occur.


Neal Systems replaced all broken hardware and communication systems, while installing, testing, and programming all of the equipment. NSI also trained their operators on how to use the new system. Operators no longer have to run from pump to pump, as they can now monitor their systems remotely. Most importantly, they are able to record and monitor data with reduced failures. They are better able to see data in real-time, even off network, which reduces downtime. With Neal System’s new design, the water filtration plant is better prepared to meet regulatory requirements with ease.

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Example Screens

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