April 26, 2018 | Company News

Taylor Kimble, formerly of our Customer Management team, has joined Neal Systems’ Applications Engineering team. In her new role, she will perform inside sales support, teaming with Nelson May – one of our sales engineers – to provide superior process control products and solutions to our customers in eastern Pennsylvania and northeast New Jersey.

Servomex Adds AquaExact 1688 Moisture Sensor to Its Product Line

April 26, 2018 | Product News


Servomex has released its newest moisture sensor, the field-replaceable AquaExact 1688 (aluminum oxide technology), for measuring ppm H2O or dewpoint. It joins Servomex’s broad class of moisture analyzers (including lasers) that can measure from ppt levels up to ppm levels for industrial gas applications. The AquaExact 1688 is unique in that the sensor can easily be field-replaceable and fully calibrated immediately upon uploading the calibration data locally to the moisture controller rather than having to take the sensor back to a lab (or the manufacturer) for recalibration. Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) sensors work by measuring the capacitance between the aluminum core and a gold film deposited on top of the oxide layer. The capacitance varies with the water vapor content contained in the pores of the oxide layer and is inversely proportional to the distance between the capacitor plates. Servomex’s aluminum oxide sensors have three innovative structural improvements, giving them a strong advantage over traditional Al2O3 sensors and providing industry-leading sensitivity and stability. For more information, click here.

The REGARD 7000: Dräger’s Newest Safety Controller

April 26, 2018 | Product News

Regard-Dräger’s-Newest-Safety-Controller The Dräger REGARD® 7000 is Dräger’s newest highly-modular safety controller for gas leak and flame detection. The controller is highly modular and therefore great for medium to large sensor applications where an expandable analysis system is needed for monitoring various gases and vapors. There are four unique features on the Regard 7000:

  • Remote Reading of Dräger Sensor Diagnostics – Dräger sensors have a lot of enhanced diagnostics, allowing for proactive maintenance. The Regard 7000 finally provides a controller that is able to read this data through the HART protocol.
  • Enhanced HART MetaData – The HART protocol has a unique “tunneling” feature that allows users to fully program remote transmitters from the controller via “metadata”. Other protocols used for remote reading and configuration include Modbus RTU (Master available), Profibus, and ProfiNet.
  • Master-less Processors – The Regard 7000 is designed in such a way that if one section should fail, the remaining parts of the controller are still able to function, providing an enhanced layer of protection rather than the typical controller, which has a master processor.
  • Documentation & Wiring Diagrams Available on Display – The Regard 7000 can store the necessary documents and diagrams within the memory of the controller itself, allowing for far easier startup and maintenance over the long run.

For more information, click here.

Neal Systems’ New Product Line: Schneider Electric’s Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions Series

March 14, 2018 | Product News

NSI’s newest line, the Schneider Electric Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions series, has released the new Schneider Electric Industrial Internet of Things solutions series known as EcoStruxureTM. The EcoStruxureTM visualization package is known as EcoStruxureTM Geo SCADA Expert(formerly ClearSCADA). Some of the key differentiators for the Geo SCADA Expert includes the following:


Location Support, Mapping & GIS Integration – Underpinned by the storage of GPS coordinates for database objects, EcoStruxureTM Geo SCADA Expert is now geographically-aware and able to provide location-based alarm notification, filtering, and visualization for both fixed assets and mobile field operators. Integrated support for online or GIS map sources enables automatic display of locations on maps, which can also include real-time weather data from online service providers.

Centralized User Management – Tighter integration with Active Directory (AD) allows new EcoStruxureTM Geo SCADA Expert User Accounts to be created automatically plus automatic realignment with changes in AD permissions on subsequent logons.

Automated Control & Feedback Validation – Configure validation rules for output controls such that an alarm will be raised when the output or feedback from an input variable does not reach the desired value within the configured timeout and/or when the value changes when it was not controlled to do so.

Other Features – Tighter integration with Trio Radios for advanced diagnostics collection, support for Sofrel S50 and S500 series RTUs, support for updated firmware in Schneider Electric SCADAPack™ E (v8.14.1) and Realflo™ (v6.94 & v6.95), improvements to security, enhancements to the User Interface, and more …


March 14, 2018 | Company News

Effective December 1, 2017, Neal Systems was awarded the representation of the Foxboro (by Schneider Electric) Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions line in the state of Virginia and New York City Metro area. This line, formerly known as Control Microsystems, incorporates a number of product lines such as SCADAPack, ClearSCADA, Accutech Wireless instrumentation, and Trio Wireless. This combination of products provides a great solution for the water/wastewater and oil/gas (upstream/midstream) industries as well as chemical, pharma, power, and other industries.

One of the key reasons that many companies are using the Schneider Electric Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions is its use of the DNP3 protocol, which allows for enhanced security and integrity of data. Are you interested in learning more about the Schneider Electric Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions? Click on the following weblinks or call Neal Systems to discuss:


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