Newly SIL2 Capable: 5580 & SW5580

September 12, 2022 | Product News

What is SIL?

Safety Integrity Levels, or SIL, are the relative levels of risk-reduction provided by a safety function, or to specify a target level of risk reduction. Simply put – SIL measures the performance necessary for a safety instrumented function (SIF).


What are the 4 Integrity Levels associated with SIL?


What is the IEC 61508?

The IEC 61508 allows for the development of a uniform technical approach that can be applied to all safety systems in electronics and related software. It is a horizontal standard applicable across a wide range of sectors. The standard requires the analysis of the potential risks or hazards of a given system or device.


Why are SIL Certifications Important? 

The purpose of the SIL certification is to measure safety system performance and the likelihood of failure. Achieving SIL certification, based on the IEC61508 Functional Safety Standard, signifies that the product has been thoroughly assessed and is a reliable electronic device ready to use across a wide range of industries.


Newly SIL2 Capable: 5580 & SW5580

Metrix recently announced that the 5580 Signal Conditioner and SW5580 Dual Channel Switch has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent third party agency on the basis of IEC61508 Functional Safety standards and is now SIL2 capable.

The assessment covered the areas of systematic capability, hardware safety integrity and random safety integrity.


Why choose the 5580 Signal Conditioner or the SW5580 Switch?

They are a great lower cost alternative to rack mounted monitors. Both are available in a dual channel configuration.

The 5580 and SW5580 are similar, but the SW5580 also includes optional dry or solid-state relay contacts.

They accept signals from machine casing mounted velocity sensors, accelerometers or shaft observing proximity probe systems. Both produces a 4-20 mA output (NAMUR compliant) proportional to the measured variable and an amplified raw signal. They provide a configurable signal input type for one or two independent channels, plus the ability to scale output either to peak or RMS units, and an LED indicates alarm levels

You can operate them in a Dual Path Mode, one sensor in, two channels out. They have rod Drop and impact functionality. Both can be configured in the field to meet application requirements using our free configuration software!

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Advanced Temperature Control and Hazardous Area Expertise

August 31, 2022 | Company News

NSI provides advanced temperature control and hazardous area expertise to production of clean energy solutions from heavy oil feedstock.  NSI was chosen for two excellent reasons:

  1. Expertise in advanced temperature control
  2. Process visualization in a hazardous area environment

From a temperature perspective, the electric heaters will be fired by over 100 Eurotherm EPack power controllers for electric heaters, all of which will feature partial / full load failure break detection with associated alarming through Modbus TCP communications.  Control will be handled by the powerful Eurotherm 2750 Multi-loop control system.

From a hazardous area perspective, the SCRs will be housed in a purged panel, using a purge system made by EXPO Technologies. The thermocouples for the project will be brought into the system through intrinsic safety method, using the MTL 831C for over 150+ thermocouples.  The remaining 4-20 mA and I/O will be handled via intrinsic safety by the unique MTL SUM5 series, a digitally-programmable IS system.

Our expertise is known in the industry.  

Cost-Optimized Industrial IoT Edge Device: Data Logger – LT

August 24, 2022 | Product News

Compatible: Connect any sensor to any software system

Cost-Effective: Save time and money with plug-and-play installation

Cybersecure: Encryption, authentication and remote updates

Comprehensive: Encompassing all required equipment and services

Delivering decisions from field assets data

Schneider Electric’s Data Logger LT is a ruggedized, battery-powered, wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device. Seamlessly combined with powerful software, the Date Logger LT offers continuous monitoring and situational awareness. Our end-to-end solution helps municipal and industrial operators increase efficiency, reduce downtime and failures, and improve compliance. 

The Data Logger LT is designed for compatibility and interoperability to connect decision-makers with their critical assets. The device generates and securely transmits sensor data to a software platform, where is can be managed and integrated into third-party applications, such as SCADA, data analytics, and GIS. 

Through the creation and management of data from field assets, Schneider Electric’s solution transforms and adds intelligence to new and existing infrastructure networks alike. 

Customer was spending $50K on false trips – This is how Metrix saved them money

July 25, 2022 | Product News

Metrix invented the vibration transmitter in 1983, nobody benefitted more than the centrifugal air compressor industry. Simple, reliable, continuous machinery protection at a fraction of the cost compared to rack-based systems.

This Metrix technology has helped customers avoid false trips by taking advantage of their patented spike suppression innovation. This feature looks at the vibration signal and, if selected, will reject any large amplitude spikes that are greater than the full scale range and shorter than 0.05 seconds in duration. That is because the Digital Proximity System samples at a rate of 18,000 times per second and can actually detect those short duration spikes, unlike analog technology.

These innovations have saved their customers as much as $50K per avoided shutdown. 

The Metrix breakthrough technology allows you to to monitor the entire machine with the MX2034 TransmitterAny probe and cable from any manufacturer, any target material for any proximity measurement. 

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