How are you managing your rotating and reciprocating machines?

April 18, 2022 | Product News

Run to Failure (worst) – most expensive way to operate. Run the machine until it fails then replace it.

Preventative Maintenance (good) – repairs to the machines are made on a periodic basis, regardless of the machines condition. Oftentimes, the preventative repairs are more damaging to the machine than if the machine was left alone – this is the next most expensive way to operate.

Predictive Maintenance (better) – repairs to the machines are made based on the condition of the machine, based on predictive technologies like vibration monitoring, thermal imaging and lubrication analysis – this is one of the least costly ways to operate, but needs a consistent investment in permanent monitoring via transmitters integrated with the existing Control System (PLC’s, SCADA, RTU’s, etc.).

Proactive Maintenance (best) – repairs to the machine are made based on the condition of the machine, based on predictive technologies like thermal imaging, lubrication analysis, combined with continuous vibration monitoring with data correlation with the plant process parameters of pressure, flow, power level, capacity, etc. – this is the least costly way to operate, but has the highest initial startup cost. 

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Switch to SCADA Cloud-Based Monitoring and Control

April 5, 2022 | Product News

Water and wastewater treatment plants, lift stations and wells rely on alarm notifications to alert them when critical events happen. Without notifications, incidents can have severe consequences to businesses and end-users. Traditional phone lines are susceptible to lightning, surges and other weather-related events causing undetected communication losses. Cloud-based solutions monitor the status of communications and can notify personnel immediately of a communication failure. They provide 24/7 access to communication status, critical events and data from any laptop or mobile device.

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Water Treatment SCADA Upgrade

March 28, 2022 | Company News

A water treatment company in north-central PA had an 11 year old Foxboro PAC control system (Schneider Electric’s Eurotherm company made these controllers for Foxboro).  The municipality has two treatment facilities about three miles apart, connected via Fiber and using Profibus communication protocol.  Approximately 2010, Foxboro did a large upgrade and installed two T940 controllers (one at each facility) with three 2500 series I/O racks at one facility and two at the other – approximately 350 I/O points.  There was also a pair of radios bringing in a single tank level at one facility.

Unfortunately, two major problems occurred — the tank radio had taken a close proximity lightning hit and been destroyed, and Foxboro no longer supported the PAC series due to obsolescence.  The company had been quoted $350K to replace the entire system with new technology, and were challenged by the steep price.

At the end of the project, the customer had a working, updated system that was easier to support, and estimated that they paid $150K for the total system, instead of the approximately $350k that they would have had to pay with a Rockwell Allen-Bradley solution, which would have required replacing all of the controllers, writing new code, and doing new panels. 

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