Introducing Elpro Technologies’ New Ethernet VLAN Modem Solution

November 20, 2012

The 945U-E and 245U-E Ethernet Modems are now VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) compliant and capable of passing VLAN tagged frames by default. VLAN bridging and Routing Modes are also available which will facilitate a number of different VLAN topologies.

VLAN is a way of splitting a network into groups that could extend beyond a single traditional LAN to groups of LANs each identified with a different VLAN ID (VID).

Enabling VLAN’s will allow the module to facilitate a number of possible VLAN topologies such as:

  • Segregating a wireless network into multiple virtual networks
  • Function as the wireless backbone on a VLAN trunk and priority handling
  • Bridging allows tags to be applied for non-VLAN host devices
  • Define multiple virtual networks

Please find information about these products at the following: 245U-E, 945U-E.

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