Advanced Temperature Control and Hazardous Area Expertise

August 31, 2022

NSI provides advanced temperature control and hazardous area expertise to production of clean energy solutions from heavy oil feedstock.  NSI was chosen for two excellent reasons:

  1. Expertise in advanced temperature control
  2. Process visualization in a hazardous area environment

From a temperature perspective, the electric heaters will be fired by over 100 Eurotherm EPack power controllers for electric heaters, all of which will feature partial / full load failure break detection with associated alarming through Modbus TCP communications.  Control will be handled by the powerful Eurotherm 2750 Multi-loop control system.

From a hazardous area perspective, the SCRs will be housed in a purged panel, using a purge system made by EXPO Technologies. The thermocouples for the project will be brought into the system through intrinsic safety method, using the MTL 831C for over 150+ thermocouples.  The remaining 4-20 mA and I/O will be handled via intrinsic safety by the unique MTL SUM5 series, a digitally-programmable IS system.

Our expertise is known in the industry.  

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