Advantages of Cloud-Based Monitoring & Control

May 12, 2022

Phone dialers continue to be a consistent choice for many businesses in the water and wastewater industries. However, those alarm dialer systems come with pain points that may create vulnerabilities to the overall system.

The solution? A Cattron cloud-based monitoring and control system.

Phone dialers were a great solution for many years. However, technology continues to evolve, and dialers succumb to a variety of susceptibilities and out-of-date issues, including:

  • Damaged equipment from lightning strikes
  • Marginalized phone line quality
  • Critical alarm notifications are not received when phone lines are down
  • Costly and significant fines when unaddressed critical events happen
  • Surge vulnerabilities
  • Limited service from phone line providers

Experiencing one or more of these frustrations can lead to unnecessary additional costs. In fact, the average annual phone line service costs per site for an alarm dialer is between $600-$1,200 – and that’s without any service, equipment, or replacement costs.

Monitoring and control systems for water and wastewater application need to be reliable, efficient and cost-effective. One way to reduce the chances of key pain points – surges from lightning strikes, outdated equipment, phone line quality, etc. – is to focus, instead, on a cellular- or satellite-based solution. Cattron’s SCADA cloud-based solutions are wireless with a dependable battery backup and an alarm notification if any lost communication events are detected.

Ultimately, what this means is a solution designed to:

  1. Decrease service costs. Have an average savings of $360 or more per site by eliminating phone lines and with it, annual service costs.
  2. Increase notification dependability. The modem connection for a SCADA cloud-based solution is monitored 24/7. If a communication loss is detected, personnel are notified immediately.
  3. Improve asset management. The ability to access site data, reports, and alarm history from computers and mobile devices reduce unnecessary site visits.

Plus, RemoteIQ technology helps ensure issues are caught early and not when it’s critical. Proactively troubleshoot problems from basic pump stations to the most sophisticated plants with monitoring, control, and alarm notification for small to large scale water and wastewater applications.

RemoteIQ Provides Greater Reliability and Usability

From communication loss notifications to pain point-eliminating technology, a SCADA cloud-based solution ensures you stay connected, control the system, and protect your costs from outdated technology that can incur additional repairs, updates, and service. Therefore, it makes sense to transition to a Cattron wireless cloud-based solution.

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