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Simplifying complexity in the hydrogen economy

January 6, 2022 | Company NewsProduct News


Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an odourless, invisible gas with a colourful future. It is likely to play a significant part in the future of the physical transportation of power and as an environmentally friendly fuel to power transport. On a weight for weigh basis, the energy density of hydrogen is many times that of gasoline, diesel, or Li batteries.

However hydrogen is also highly combustible, and it’s highly probable that systems producing, distributing or using hydrogen, will need to comply with stringent codes and standards around safety and explosion prevention.

Many governments are rolling out long term hydrogen strategies, aiming at decarbonising a significant proportion of their energy use over the coming decades. Follow these links to 3 examples: USA, Europe Union & UK.

Where does Expo fit in? 

As these plans are beginning to be realised, new infrastructure and supply chains are emerging. While some hydrogen will directly replace natural gas in existing infrastructure – for instance combustion in gas fired power stations, or in domestic hot water heating systems, a significant proportion will be used in applications for the first time – for instance road vehicle refuelling.

To drive these new applications, new end-users, manufacturers and OEMs will become involved in generating, moving, or using hydrogen – some with little or no previous experience with hazardous areas. That’s why specialist companies, such as Expo Technologies, are becoming increasingly involved. Our 60+ years of hazardous area know-how, developed from supporting hydrocarbon industries, directly maps to the hydrogen supply chain. 

Expo has already worked on a number of projects across the vehicle refuelling sector – you can read some recent case studies here:

Other useful resources – external links

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How does a hydrogen filling station work?

US Dept. of Energy:  H2 strategy 

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Shipping delays stopping your project?

January 4, 2022 | Company News

Shipping delays stopping your project? Plant facing downtime without a clear completion date? Everywhere we go, the story is the same – shipping delays are losing our customers money. Neal Systems has a few options for quick turnarounds!

If you are in need of a quick delivery on remanufactured Fisher Valves, Rosemount Transmitters, or Foxboro Transmitters our partner at Automation Service has one of the fastest turnarounds available. In addition, they are the only source for NEW Foxboro pneumatic controllers and transmitters.

PID temperature controllers have been delayed, but Eurotherm has consistently been delivering these on time throughout the past year.

Sourcing gas detection is key to keeping many plants up and running. When delays might cause shutdowns, Draeger has been able to solve most gas detection needs quickly.  

For basic automation products across the board, M-System is reliable and has quick delivery from signal conditioners to stack lights (Modbus TCP or Wireless).

Need something more specific? We hold a range of devices from leading brands like Rockwell, Foxboro, Red Lion and Schneider to cover emergencies at your facility.  For an annual fee, a customer can buy into the full guaranteed stock list with the knowledge that NSI will ship the same day if requested before 2pm.  PLC’s, radios, cell modems, power supplies, pressure transmitters, DP transmitters, displays and PID controllers are some of the devices stocked.  A full list is available on request.

Trainer Spotlight: Shane Filer

December 1, 2021 | Company News

NSI’s General Manager, Shane Filer, has a long history of doing industrial instrumentation and automation training for companies and trade shows – first with Leeds & Northrup (L&N) and Honeywell in the late 90’s, and finally with NSI for the past 20 years.

His main area of specialty with L&N / Honeywell was liquid analytical measurements (pH, ORP, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen), mainly focusing on the use of the measurements in power plants, semiconductor plants, pharmaceutical facilities, and food/beverage facilities.  He has taught and presented at dozens of ISA events and trade shows.  Specific areas of training with NSI for the last 20 years include industrial wireless systems, hazardous area electrical protection methods, and gas leak detection systems.

Shane has a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering from Grove City College, and also enjoys coaching his kids in sports, teaching at his church, and instructing anyone who will listen in the fine art of telling Dad jokes.

Speaking of which, “When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent!” 

Trainer Spotlight: Pete Hutwelker

November 4, 2021 | Company News

You may know Pete Hutwelker from his previous company ES2, which has now become apart of NSI. Or you may have even attended one of his trainings! Pete teaches a variety of training courses: gas feed system design, service & safety: chlorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide, basic electricity, troubleshooting control systems, instruments and controls, PLCs & basic programming, process control, instrumentation. 

Pete teaches 2 certified PADEP training courses:

Chlorine Gas Feed Systems Operation, Maintenance & Safety  (3) hours

This course is designed to provide water and wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance personnel with an understanding of chlorine gas feed systems, controls and accessories. The course is designed for presentation to both beginners and experienced operation and maintenance personnel. Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of how chlorine is transferred from the cylinder, into the water and everything in between. The slide presentations and actual equipment demonstrations help students relate to real world conditions. System operation, maintenance and safety are covered in detail. Short version of Course #2133.

Instruments and Controls for Water & Wastewater Treatment (3) hours

This course is designed to provide water & wastewater plant operation & maintenance personnel with a general understanding of Process Instrumentation and Controls. The course is designed for presentation to both beginners and experienced operation and maintenance personnel. Upon completion of the course, students will have a better understanding of how the instruments and control systems in their facility operate and how to identify and troubleshoot problems. Electrical safety is covered in detail.

Interested in training with Pete? Let us know

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