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March 15, 2022 | Product News

With the continual growth of cites and demand for infrastructure increasing from this growth ELPRO Technologies was selected to provide a wide area digital telemetry and SCADA network for a growing municipality in Australia with outlying regional townships. Read the case study HERE


Thayer Scale Solutions for the Precise Delivery of Ingredients

March 14, 2022 | Product News

In cheese conversion, shredded cheese and anti-clumping agents (such as corn starch, potato starch, powdered cellulose, or calcium sulfate) are metered into a rotating coating drum wherein individual cheese strands are uniformly coated to prevent particle agglomeration in packaging.

Getting the desired ratio application of an anti-clumping agent to shredded cheese is difficult.

Thayer Scale’s Hygienic Weigh Feeders (HWF), built in accordance with the design principles of 3-A, NSF, and USDA, accurately measure the rate of flow of shredded cheese based on the direct measurement of mass and velocity variables. This flow rate data is then communicated to a Loss-in-Weight feeder such as the Thayer Scale LWF-SC-V Sanitary Vibratory Feeder.

A specialized Thayer Scale control algorithm, Scale Location Compensation (SLC), synchronizes the delivery of the anti-clumping agent with the varying cheese flow, ensuring that the anti-cake agent is delivered both in the correct proportion, as well as in the proper phase of the sometimes intermittent, but constantly fluctuating cheese profile. Thayer Scale’s proprietary, easy-to-clean Loss-in-Weight feeder technology controls aeration and defeats poor flow properties of anti-clumping agents to assure precise, reliable delivery to a single-point or uniformly across a wide band.

Thayer Scale instrumentation seamlessly integrates with the sites’ modern process software facilitating automatic, real-time analysis of base cheese measurement and the delivery of the anti-clumping agent.

Overall, the use of Thayer Scale equipment reduces product quality instances and improves housekeeping with a low, long-term cost of ownership.

Benefits include: reduced sanitation time – quick disassembly without hand tools to optimize sanitation effectiveness. And tolerance to high pressure, high- temperature sanitation evolutions without measurement drift or compromising measurement sensitivity.

Assistance with CGMP, HACCP, and HARCP program compliance. 

Interested in learning more? 

Draeger Polytron 2000 Toxic Gas Detection

March 11, 2022 | Product News

Robust, precise, safe – the Draeger Polytron 2000 is a stationary gas detector for measuring standard gases (O2, H2S, NH3, Cl2, CO). With the new, pre-calibrated DrägerSensor MEC and robust design, this gas transmitter is a reliable and economic solution for non-explosion proof areas.


Robust, precise, safe

The globally proven Draeger sensor technology forms the core of the Polytron 2000. The miniaturised electrochemical sensor (MEC) stands out for its longevity and precision. The DraegerSensor MEC marks the introduction of a new design for electrochemical sensors into the stationary gas detectors made by Dräger, which are matched precisely to the basic applications of stationary gas transmitters.

The Polytron 2000 has protection class IP54 dust and water protection and a robust polyamide housing. But the internals of the device are also extremely robust. The transmitter electronics of the Polytron 2000 are designed for temperatures of – 40° to + 65 °C and are thus highly suitable for the most diverse operating conditions.

Simple and energy-saving

The modular concept of docking station and transmitter can be assembled in no time at all. The docking station can be pre-installed and cabled, thus saving time. Commissioning is carried out by simply inserting the transmitter in the docking station and locking it by means of a quick-release fastener. The low energy consumption of just 50 mW permits a simple 2-wire installation.

Immediately ready for use

The Polytron 2000 is pre-configured to the required gas and measuring range before use. The device is thus immediately ready for use and no longer has to be adjusted. This also applies to the Dräger MEC sensor. It is equipped with an internal datalogger and is pre-calibrated accordingly. The Polytron 2000 is thus operational immediately after a warm-up phase.

Easy diagnosis and maintenance

All measurement, warning and maintenance values as well as fault states are shown on the display and can simply be read off. Maintenance of the Polytron 2000 is quick and easy to carry out.

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