Cost-Optimized Industrial IoT Edge Device: Data Logger – LT

August 24, 2022

Compatible: Connect any sensor to any software system

Cost-Effective: Save time and money with plug-and-play installation

Cybersecure: Encryption, authentication and remote updates

Comprehensive: Encompassing all required equipment and services

Delivering decisions from field assets data

Schneider Electric’s Data Logger LT is a ruggedized, battery-powered, wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge device. Seamlessly combined with powerful software, the Date Logger LT offers continuous monitoring and situational awareness. Our end-to-end solution helps municipal and industrial operators increase efficiency, reduce downtime and failures, and improve compliance. 

The Data Logger LT is designed for compatibility and interoperability to connect decision-makers with their critical assets. The device generates and securely transmits sensor data to a software platform, where is can be managed and integrated into third-party applications, such as SCADA, data analytics, and GIS. 

Through the creation and management of data from field assets, Schneider Electric’s solution transforms and adds intelligence to new and existing infrastructure networks alike. 

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