Customer was spending $50K on false trips – This is how Metrix saved them money

July 25, 2022

Metrix invented the vibration transmitter in 1983, nobody benefitted more than the centrifugal air compressor industry. Simple, reliable, continuous machinery protection at a fraction of the cost compared to rack-based systems.

This Metrix technology has helped customers avoid false trips by taking advantage of their patented spike suppression innovation. This feature looks at the vibration signal and, if selected, will reject any large amplitude spikes that are greater than the full scale range and shorter than 0.05 seconds in duration. That is because the Digital Proximity System samples at a rate of 18,000 times per second and can actually detect those short duration spikes, unlike analog technology.

These innovations have saved their customers as much as $50K per avoided shutdown. 

The Metrix breakthrough technology allows you to to monitor the entire machine with the MX2034 TransmitterAny probe and cable from any manufacturer, any target material for any proximity measurement. 

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