E+PLC – Eurotherm PLC

August 15, 2014

Precision measurement…
enabling better process performance

  • Precise, repeatable results
  • Enables precise control and accurate recording
  • Optimizes energy usage

The E+PLC contains the heart of Eurotherm expertise in measurement, control, and recording, all in a flexible, single PLC package. E+PLC is an open standards-based PLC platform that combines decades of knowledge in precision PID control and secure recording packaged in function blocks for incredibly easy implementation with these features:


    • Standard CODESYS platform
    • No learning curve – standard IEC 61131-3 programming

eurotherm plc

  • The best in PID control and secure recording packaged for quick, easy implementation

E+PLC offers precise measurement of process variables to give accurate, repeatable results which translate into optimized energy usage. Its precision is based on the fundamental requirement that to control accurately, you need to measure precisely.

  • High stability, high repeatability measurements to 0.1% of span precision
  • High level of input noise rejection
  • Exceptionally fast acting cold junction temperature compensation for thermocouples
  • Accurate linearization for industry standard thermocouples, resistance thermometers, and many other sensors
  • Tighter process tolerances to handle the most demanding production operations
  • Low input noise prevents control oscillations, allowing precise control to setpoint within tolerance
  • Flawless operation for regulated processes, for example AMS2750E, CQI-9

Precision control…
increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality

  • Simple function block instantiation, capturing 50 years of control experience
  • Optimizes processing time
  • Optimizes energy usage
  • Reduces application engineering and commissioning costs

Eurotherm control algorithms protect product quality by eliminating overshoot and providing tighter tolerances to the required setpoint. The resulting finer, repeatable control makes processes more predictable and aids with compliance to both regulatory and quality standards.  The improvements in process performance gained also reduce wasted energy and processing times, thus maximizing overall equipment efficiency (OEE).  Offering superior control with reduced engineering, E+PLC uses a single, integrated programming environment to optimize engineering efficiency.  High performance PID control capability is made readily available within this environment in the form of pre-engineered function blocks.  Users need to simply parameterize the blocks and can instantiate them as many times as required for an application.

Secure recording…
at point of measurement for complete peace of mind

  • Total data integrity and security
  • Tamper resistant files
  • Highly efficient data management strategies
  • Helps ensure compliance

The Eurotherm E+PLC offers robust compliance with regulatory and quality standards and delivers the complete peace of mind associated with total data integrity and security. It keeps vital process records safe using highly efficient data management strategies resulting in:

Total security, complete peace of mind through:

  • Tamper-resistant records that are created with continual recording to internal Flash memory at point of measurement
  • Power fail safe strategy with validated files to be certain data is never lost
  • Basing on decades of experience and over 20 years of backward compatible file format
  • Complete traceability
  • Robustness to network failure

More efficient data management through:

  • Integrated recording functionality readily available on E+PLC platform
  • Flexible, easily configurable recording and archiving strategies to suit plant requirements
  • Easy search and recreating of historical records

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