Fermenters and Bioreactor – JM Canty’s Visual Analyzers

February 23, 2021

Pharmaceutical companies with single-use or stainless-steel bioreactors are trusting JM Canty’s visual analyzers for boosting production, efficiency, and quality control.  

One of our New Jersey pharmaceutical customers have chosen the Canty Biocam, specifically for foam control, for its reduction of anti-foam usage and allowing for more product per batch.

A fermentation user reported up to a 30% drop in anti-foam usage per batch, and another reported the ability to roughly increase batch size by over 25%. 

Bristol Myers Squibb conducted its own testing of the Canty analyzer for cell viability and found that CantyPharmaflow Imaging analyzer demonstrated the ability to measure early and late apoptosis, correlating to biomarkers such as Caspase and Nexin.

How can the Canty cameras help your fermenters and bioreactors? Ask one of our engineers!

Check out how JM Cantys foam detection works in this short video!

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