Foxboro LevelWave Radar

October 31, 2014

levelwaveFoxboro Field Devices has more than 50 years expertise in level measurement. Their LevelWave Radar Series offers state-of-the-art measurement technology with the highest flexibility in the field. The modular design guarantees easy and fast field installation. Foxboro’s radar devices will consistently provide you with accurate and stable measurement performance across a wide range of installations and applications.

Foxboro’s LevelWave Radar Series provides one universal radar measurement solution for all liquids including corrosive, viscous, sticky, and other difficult media such as foam and turbulent surfaces, and solids. Unaffected by changes in temperature, specific gravity, and pressure and with no need to re-calibrate, the modular design guarantees easy and fast field installation for the requirements of the modern industry.

Why choose radar for level measurement? Radar measurement can do the really difficult applications.

  • Free-Space Radar* (LR01) provides a non-contact antenna that is virtually unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure, or gas and vapor composition, which means it is excellent for all kind of liquids including corrosive and other difficult media.
  • The measurement of Foxboro’s Guided Wave Radar* (LG01) device is unaffected by changes in density, conductivity, pressure, or temperature or by gas movement above the product.
  • Foxboro’s chosen technologies with Quick Noise Scanning* and Empty Tank Spectrum* for vessel level measurement provide greater accuracy and improved reliability & stability.

Foxboro’s LevelWave Radar offers unique advantages designed to save you cost, time and resources:

Easy Installation

Do you want easy installation for your operators so interruptions in your plant and headaches in the field are kept to a minimum? With Foxboro’s unique modular design, installation really could not be easier, which means your operators can move onto the next job more quickly.

Effortless Operation

When considering a new or replacement device, another concern is how it will fit with your existing installation. Each device in the Foxboro range has unique adaptable mounting, which makes it much simpler to fit into an existing space. Not only that, Foxboro has added an optional display with an externally-accessible keyboard and a remote version, which means day-to-day effortless operation for your engineers.

Exceptional Quality

You can also rest easy that every time you order from Foxboro each device has been rigorously factory-tested, which guarantees the build quality of every instrument we ship to you.

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