Iconics’ MobileHMI Brings HMI/SCADA Solutions to Mobile Devices

December 4, 2017

Iconics’ new MobileHMI is a technology marvel, bringing the power of the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA solutions to any Smartphone, Tablet, Web Browser or Web-enabled device. Ground-breaking Smart Tile, AppHub™ and configuration technology help simplify deployment to any Microsoft, Apple or Android device through innovative WinRT and XAML-to-HTML5 technology for delivering HMI/SCADA solutions.

Mobile HMI

Now with version 10.95, users can interact with their SCADA information in a whole new way using a Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality device. ICONICS’ groundbreaking Holographic Machine Interface (HMI) delivers 2D and 3D holograms to users, allowing them to digitally interact with their equipment in a mixed reality environment. Easy-to-use configuration wizards and responsive technology enable users to import pre-existing 3D models and smart symbols to quickly get up and running in no time.

This new wave of mixed reality technology addresses a variety of use cases across manufacturing, energy management, industrial and building automation applications. From an operator performing real-time production monitoring, to a repair technician generating a work order and dispatching the appropriate staff based on availability and skills, this groundbreaking technology helps manufacturers make better decisions faster. Create rich, real-time universal visualization for mobile dashboards for energy, quality or production metrics in real-time.

Benefits include the ability to perform hands-free operation using natural gestures and voice commands, as well as connecting operators and maintenance technicians to their information in a more intuitive and natural way than ever before. This improves production efficiency and reduces maintenance costs while enhancing collaboration and cooperation among teams.

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