Introducing the AS-410 Vibration Analyzer

March 4, 2021

The AS-410 Vibration Analyzer offers real-time vibration analysis with transient data capture software that can be correlated to external process data like pressures, temperatures, flows, and load. The software merges real-time machinery analyzer, dynamic signal analyzer, transient capture device, modal capture tool, and digital recorder into one powerful package.

The ability of the AS-410 to maintain a large data buffer means the storage of pre-triggered data before an event. This data can be played back and analyzed off-site. The analysis parameters like spectral line and overlap can be changed during playback to avoid potential travel to re-record data.

There are over 50 analysis criteria built-in to the AS-410, which allows it to act as a monitoring system. This allows users to extract different machinery features from the dynamic data. These criteria can be used to trigger data capture and alert the operator.

The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and can quickly open plots, change channels, and modify settings by simply dragging and dropping the different screen elements. The software also allows vibration analysts to quickly navigate and visualize collected data.

The AS-410 has a rich set of available graphical representations of collected data, including time, spectrum, orbits, waterfall (cascade, profile, order), transient/vector (Bode, Nyquist, shaft centerline), transfer functions (magnitude, phase, coherence), trends, scatter, and HMI screen elements (alarm logs, bars, field values, tables, mimics, script buttons).

Finally, the AS-410 has a variety of features that allow the user to quickly annotate and document their analysis. Locking cursors allow the user to correlate and analyze data across multiple pages. Each graphical plot or table can be quickly copied into a word processor or spreadsheet for final report presentation.

For more information on the AS-410, contact one of our expert engineers!

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