Job Note: Waste Water Treatment Plant Scada Upgrade

January 31, 2024


Waste Water Treatment Plant
Northeast, USA
Construction Costs: $250K

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Northeast, USA
Construction Costs: $250K

Services Provided

  • SCADA Systems

  • Remote I/O Racks & OIT’s

  • PAC Control System

  • Wireless Communication


  • Cyber Security Consulting

  • Enclosures

  • Installation Services


SCADA upgrade for gas detection, alarm annunciator replacement, wet well, MSP’s, DO tanks, digesters, hypo tanks, chlorine control and final effluent including all field devices, enclosures and communication systems.

Our customer’s previous system covered only half the plant and did not provide any reporting or reliable alarming. The operators never used the system because of communication failures and unreliable data.

The system NSI designed was entirely Ethernet based, but used copper, fiber, and wireless to reach all areas. Cyber security was designed into the system with whitelisting and MAC address filtering along with a firewall performing deep packet inspection. Different remote I/O racks, multi-loop controllers, PAC’s and OIT’s were used to bring in the 400 new I/O points— all using either Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP.

NSI brought a specific expertise in Chlorine dosing control to the facility, reducing their Sodium Hypochlorite consumption by 15% whilst improving the stability of the residual Chlorine.

The plant finished up with a system that included all areas allowing operators to monitor a sizeable area from a central location. Remote view nodes using a browser allowed management to interrogate the plant at any time and the added reports allowed for more effective regulatory compliance.

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