Metrix 5580 and SW5580 Reciprocating Compressors

February 4, 2022

Metrix is the biggest supplier of monitoring systems for non-API618 Reciprocating Compressors in the world. Their suite of vibration sensors includes the ST5485E Velocity Transmitters monitoring Crankcase vibration, the IT6810 Transmitters monitoring Impact at the Crossheads and the MX2034 Proximity Transmitters monitoring average Rod Position at each of the piston rods. This sensor suite continues to serve customers well.

With the new 5580 Signal Conditioner and the SW5580 Switch, Metrix provides a modular and field configurable device that is perfect for monitoring Reciprocating Compressors efficiently and economically. You can expand the system on a throw-by-throw basis. Benefits include two channels able to measure Vibration Velocity at each end of the Crankcase, Acceleration and Impact on the Crosshead, and Rod Drop and Rod Vibration at the Piston Rod.

The only difference between the 5580 Signal Conditioner and the SW5580 Switch is the switch has two relays on each channel, either Solid State of Electromechnical contacts.

Watch the newly released 5580 and SW5580 Recip Animation to learn more about theses innovative applications.

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