Metrix Digital Proximity System (DPS)

February 22, 2022

New Screw Terminals & 5 Day Lead Times!


Special Features Include:

Crosstalk Elimination – This feature shifts the oscillation frequency of the DPS unit so it is different from the adjacent probe, thereby, preventing Cross Talk interference.

TightView™ for Limited Clearances – Metrix produces a proximity probe system that operates where counterbores, reduced side-view and smaller targets would limit the use of a standard system, all while maintaining excellent linear measurement.

Configurable Spike Suppression – This feature is used to inhibit high amplitude electrical noise from outside the vibration monitoring system from impacting the performance of the vibration transmitter system.

Metrix has 5-day lead times with our Proximity Probes, Extension Cables and Drivers or Transmitters. Metrix MX8030 probes, MX8031 cables and MX2033 drivers are compatible and interchangeable with the BN 3300 XL system, while maintaining API 670 compliance. This is true compatibility!

There are now new screw terminals available for our MX2033 Driver and MX2034 Transmitter.

Interested in more information? Let us know! 


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