July 1, 2016

All new installations proposing to use MTL700 barriers should be converted to the equivalent model within the MTL7700 range. You can find details regarding migration HERE. Any model within the MTL700 range can be purchased for maintenance purposes only (spares & repairs). Please see the specified barriers and accessories below.

Product Termination Notice and ‘Last time buy’
Statement issued Last time buy Replacements & notes
27 June 2016 31st August 2016
for MTL700 models using 50mA fuse
MTL7700 range
Models: MTL706+, MTL707+, MTL707P+, MTL708+, MTL710-, MTL710+, MTL710AC, MTL722-, MTL722+, MTL728-, MTL728+, MTL728AC, MTL760AC, MTL761PAC, MTL764-, MTL764+, MTL764AC, MTL765AC, MTL766AC, MTL768-, MTL768+, MTL772AC, MTL778AC, MTL779-, MTL779+, MTL786+, MTL786-, MTL787-, MTL787+, MTL787S+, MTL788-, MTL788+, MTL788R-, MTL788R+, MTL796-, MTL796+
27 June 2016 31st December 2017
for all other MTL700 models and accessories
MTL7700 range

Models: MTL728P+, MTL729P+, MTL751AC, MTL755AC, MTL758-, MTL758+, MTL761AC, MTL766PAC, MTL767-, MTL767+, MTL787SP+, MTL791, MTL799

Accessories: ADB7 MTL100 adaptor kit, DRK700 adaptor kit, ERB7 earth rail mounting bracket, EBB7 earth busbar, IMB7 insulating mounting block, MK05, MK12, MK20 mounting kits, MT02, MT05, MT12 enclosures, SMB7 insulating mounting block, SMC7 surface mounting clip, TAG7 tagging strip, TGL7 tagging strip label, TGS7 tagging strip seal, TQS7 torque spanner.

The MTL7700 range follows closely in the footsteps of the MTL700, but as a DIN-rail mounting barrier, providing quick and easy installation without the need for special hardware. An adaptor bracket, ADB700, enables the use of MTL7700 barriers in many installations in place of the MTL700 models for extended maintenance. The short notice for this product termination is due to MTL’s fuse supplier terminating supply without a last time buy opportunity.

For further questions on migration and any issues, please contact Neal Systems, Inc. at telephone 215-968-7577 or email

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