New High Performance Pyrometer Series by Process Sensors

October 31, 2014

Features2 color pyrometer series

Process Sensors introduces their newest self-contained pyrometer models, the stand-alone PSC-SR56N Series. With an outstanding price/performance ratio, this series of two-color sensors is packed with features that make these pyrometers the perfect choice for custom application requirements such as:

  • Temperature Display and Parameter Controls on IR Sensor Rear Panel
  • Thru-lens, Laser or Integrated Color Video Camera Sighting
  • Temperature Ranges Spanning from 500° to 3000°C
  • 4-20mA and RS-485 Interface
  • Choice of Fixed Focus Optics
  • Fast Response Time from 5ms, Adjustable up to 100 seconds
  • Emissivity Independent Measurement
  • Compact, Robust Stainless Steel Housing
  • RS-485 Modbus Interface Integration into existing Data Acquisition Systems

Wide Range of Applications

The nature of these highly compact and versatile IR sensors make them ideal for use in:

  • Steel and Metals
  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Semiconductor
  • Induction Heating
  • Kilns
  • Welding
  • Ceramics/Composites
  • Sintering/Graphite
  • Nuclear
  • R & D

Designed for Harsh Industrial Continuous Operations

Optical and electronics parts are enclosed in rugged cylindrical stainless steel housings for high performance in the most demanding environments to include under demanding research and development conditions. The durable and compact companion stainless steel cooling jacket with integrated air purge stands up to even the harshest environments, and a number of innovative, ruggedly designed accessories are available.

Four Sighting Methods Available

With five temperature ranges spanning from 500°to 3000°C, the new models offer a choice of through-lens sighting, an integrated red laser, video camera sighting, or an electronic viewfinder. The unique electronic viewfinder feature allows the user to view into the sensor’s eye-piece and observe a colorized video image of the process under measurement.

Easy to Set Up

The free of charge PSCSpot software with optional USB cable for connection to RS485 output allows simple set-up of IR thermometer parameters, facilitates multi-tasking, and makes it simple to record data in graphical, text, or tabular format.

Advantages of Two-Color or Ratio Pyrometer

These pyrometers measure temperatures from the ratio of radiation signals of two adjacent wavelengths as opposed to measuring the absolute intensity within one wavelength, as with one-color pyrometers. The advantages and benefits of using two-color sensors are:

  • Automatic compensation for viewing through dirty windows, dust and partial smoke between sensor and target.
  • Compensation for changes in target emissivity (i.e., gray bodies); targets with the same emissivity on both
  • wavelengths.

  • Measures smaller target than sensor’s field of view (FOV/Spot Size) (i.e., measures weighted peak
  • temperature within FOV
  • Unaffected by moving targets within FOV.

As with all PSC two-color models, the PSC-SR56N Series can also be used as single wavelength pyrometers.

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