New Representation Partnership: ALTA SOLUTIONS!

October 27, 2020

Neal Systems forms a representation partnership with Alta Solutions (, one of the premiere manufacturers of API-670 machinery protection systems for large rotary equipment (pumps, cooling towers, compressors, fans, motors) and turbines.  Neal Systems has been in the vibration monitoring sector for almost 20 years, representing Metrix ( and providing dozens of vibration protection monitoring systems and 10,000+ sensors to industries such as pharmaceutical, refinery, pipeline, industrial gas, and water / wastewater.  Alta brings 25 years of experience with 1000+ installations of their machinery protection and machinery monitor solutions worldwide.  Alta develops and markets innovative data acquisition solutions for a variety of manufactured products and processes.   They offer a complete family of signal processing products to test, measure, and analyze everything from large rotating machinery to simple roller bearings, all compliant with API-670 standards.  Neal Systems is excited to team with such a powerful team of engineers and provide solutions from Virginia through New York.     

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