Product Highlight: Alta Solutions 400 LightSpeed – Transient Data Analysis Software

June 20, 2022

This software allows the user to quickly configure a multiple sensors to capture the startup and shutdown of large turbo machinery in a matter of minutes.

The user can easily analyze the real-time data with standard machinery visualization plots both asynchronous and synchronous to the machine shaft speed.

Key Features

  • Real-time Analysis of Multiple Channel
  • Able to “Configure and Go” in Minutes
  • Startup and Shutdown Visualization
  • Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Analysis
  • Full Digital Recording of Transient Run


  • Time, Orbit, Spectrum
  • Bode, Polar, Shaft-Centerline, Amplitude Phase Time
  • Full-Spectrum, Demodulated Spectrum
  • Waterfall, Cascade
  • Sync Time, Sync Orbit, Sync Spectrum

See the full brochure here! 

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