Real-Time Vibration and Temperature Monitoring: Samsara HM11

February 6, 2020

The Samsara HM11, machine health monitor, magnetically mounts to a machine case, which allows for the continuous tracking of key health parameters for pumps, fans, motors, and compressors. The HM11 records 0.5 seconds of X,Y & Z accelerometer vibration data every 5 minutes, while simultaneously recording temperature every 4 seconds. The included sensors monitor vibration in mm/s or ips with a frequency range of of 10Hz to 1 kHz and a measurement range of +/- 16g. The sampling rate for vibration monitoring is 1666 Hz with an accuracy of +/- 10%. The surface temperature monitoring with the included sensors have a range of -40 to 85 degrees C with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree C.

The data is sent through Bluetooth to a Samsara IGX1 base and then uploaded to the cloud via the integrated cell modem. Once the data is in the cloud, Samsara calculates the RMS velocity in each direction as well as an FFT spectrum between about 10 and 1000 Hz.  

Below is an example of the overall RMS velocity level data for X,Y & Z.  You can see it uses the ISO 10816 recommended levels for warning and shutdown. The alarm levels are designated by light red and yellow corridors. 

Below is an example of the FFT spectrum output, this example shows the plots provided for the Y direction of the HM11 sensor. There are two plots generated from the FFT output, with a standard display of the amplitude vs. frequency for the most recent data sample on top and a colored (blue to red) amplitude history of the top plot right below.  Data goes back in time moving down, and the timeframe is the same as the timeframe that was selected in the velocity RMS plot above.

The interface is simple and user friendly. Contact Neal Systems HERE to request a demonstration.

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