Red Lion Graphite Goes Mobile

August 21, 2015

The Red Lion Graphite® operator panel is an industry leader in performance and communication protocols. When the application requires additional control or connectivity, plug-in the Graphite modules. Red Lion offers mobile access to HMI technology to facilitate the management of assets and production performance. This means that HMI units are no longer tethered to a hardware connection with custom-designed screens for displaying process data aligned to the objects on the screen with these features:

Protocol Conversion

This has become a big deal now as legacy systems are upgraded. With the Red Lion Graphite Series, you have built-in protocol conversion. Not just any old converter – 300 different protocols, which keeps growing. How about thirteen simultaneous conversions over the Ethernet port or ports at once? What are some of the protocols that are of interest?: BACnet, Ethernet I/P Modbus TCP, and so on.


  • CAN
  • J1939
  • Device Net
  • HSPA+ Cellular

Multiple Modules

We are all used to requiring external I/O to read or write the process data signals. Not any more – just look at the picture at right below. At the rear of the 15-inch Graphite, there are eight plug-in slots. Some of the modules listed:

  • 8 D/I
  • 8 Relay Out
  • 6 Solid State Outputs
  • 4 Universal Analog I/P
  • 4 Analog Outputs
  • 8 DC mA I/P
  • 8 DC Volt I/P
  • 8T/C I/P
  • 6 RTD I/P
  • Strain Gauge I/P – Various O/P
Red Lion Graphite Modules

Built-in PID Control

The Red Lion Graphite series has PID control built-in. Now I can control my process without the need for another piece of hardware to provide the control features. One less point of failure.

Built for Tough Environments

Industrial and municipal facilities are a tough place for instrumentation to survive. The Graphite is built tough! There is a cast aluminum metal housing able to withstand shock and vibrations along with extreme temperatures – minus 30 Degrees Centigrade to plus 60 Degrees Centigrade.


  • UL Class 1, Division 2
  • ATX zone 2/22
  • IECEx zone 2
  • EN 61326-1 to Industrial Locations
  • IEC/EN 61010-1
  • RoHS Compliant

Wireless Capability

It used to be that remote access was only possible if your HMI was networked with an Ethernet cable – not true anymore. With the newly released HSPA cellular wireless module, you can now view, edit, control and update data from your Red Lion HMI Graphite from virtually anywhere.

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