Schneider Electric Pressure Transmitter and the NSI OPA

November 4, 2020

Need a flowmeter using differential pressure and an orifice plate, but don’t find it easy doing all of the necessary calculations and parts assembly?  Earlier this year we released our “OPA” product line, which featured a Foxboro IDP50S DP transmitter, a Lambda Square Orifice plate, and all of the necessary engineering know-how and parts to provide a total solution.  One recent customer just placed their second order, since they valued the fact that we could provide them all of the necessary process details and engineering for one turn-key solution.   

In case you missed it, here’s the video from our Technical Lead John Lamp, explaining the OPA series.  In addition, Foxboro just released a new video on the transmitter we chose! Here is their latest video showing why this Pressure Transmitter Series from Schneider Electric is the most unique on the market!

Watch this 2-minute video!


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