Thayer Scale Solutions for the Precise Delivery of Ingredients

March 14, 2022

In cheese conversion, shredded cheese and anti-clumping agents (such as corn starch, potato starch, powdered cellulose, or calcium sulfate) are metered into a rotating coating drum wherein individual cheese strands are uniformly coated to prevent particle agglomeration in packaging.

Getting the desired ratio application of an anti-clumping agent to shredded cheese is difficult.

Thayer Scale’s Hygienic Weigh Feeders (HWF), built in accordance with the design principles of 3-A, NSF, and USDA, accurately measure the rate of flow of shredded cheese based on the direct measurement of mass and velocity variables. This flow rate data is then communicated to a Loss-in-Weight feeder such as the Thayer Scale LWF-SC-V Sanitary Vibratory Feeder.

A specialized Thayer Scale control algorithm, Scale Location Compensation (SLC), synchronizes the delivery of the anti-clumping agent with the varying cheese flow, ensuring that the anti-cake agent is delivered both in the correct proportion, as well as in the proper phase of the sometimes intermittent, but constantly fluctuating cheese profile. Thayer Scale’s proprietary, easy-to-clean Loss-in-Weight feeder technology controls aeration and defeats poor flow properties of anti-clumping agents to assure precise, reliable delivery to a single-point or uniformly across a wide band.

Thayer Scale instrumentation seamlessly integrates with the sites’ modern process software facilitating automatic, real-time analysis of base cheese measurement and the delivery of the anti-clumping agent.

Overall, the use of Thayer Scale equipment reduces product quality instances and improves housekeeping with a low, long-term cost of ownership.

Benefits include: reduced sanitation time – quick disassembly without hand tools to optimize sanitation effectiveness. And tolerance to high pressure, high- temperature sanitation evolutions without measurement drift or compromising measurement sensitivity.

Assistance with CGMP, HACCP, and HARCP program compliance. 

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