The REGARD 7000: Dräger’s Newest Safety Controller

April 26, 2018

Regard-Dräger’s-Newest-Safety-Controller The Dräger REGARD® 7000 is Dräger’s newest highly-modular safety controller for gas leak and flame detection. The controller is highly modular and therefore great for medium to large sensor applications where an expandable analysis system is needed for monitoring various gases and vapors. There are four unique features on the Regard 7000:

  • Remote Reading of Dräger Sensor Diagnostics – Dräger sensors have a lot of enhanced diagnostics, allowing for proactive maintenance. The Regard 7000 finally provides a controller that is able to read this data through the HART protocol.
  • Enhanced HART MetaData – The HART protocol has a unique “tunneling” feature that allows users to fully program remote transmitters from the controller via “metadata”. Other protocols used for remote reading and configuration include Modbus RTU (Master available), Profibus, and ProfiNet.
  • Master-less Processors – The Regard 7000 is designed in such a way that if one section should fail, the remaining parts of the controller are still able to function, providing an enhanced layer of protection rather than the typical controller, which has a master processor.
  • Documentation & Wiring Diagrams Available on Display – The Regard 7000 can store the necessary documents and diagrams within the memory of the controller itself, allowing for far easier startup and maintenance over the long run.

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