Neal Systems Inc

September 19, 2009 | Company News

Neal Systems Inc. has had record growth for the second year in a row, almost reaching $10 million in sales. The growth came thanks to landing a number of major projects in the automotive, oil/gas, water/wastewater, heat treat, pharmaceutical, food, and gas pipeline industries.

– Provided data monitoring systems for a local automotive supplier of engines to verify the quality and ruggedness of each engine 
- Provided a number of large vibration / temperature monitoring systems for plant pump upgrades 
- Provided a major instrumentation and Ethernet network upgrade for a wastewater plant upgrading large blowers and pumps

- Provided a mid-sized biotech with a plant-wide data acquisition solution, including temperature and humidity monitoring and IQ/OQ validation 

Heat Treat:
- Provided multiple data acquisition and NADCAP thermal uniformity survey (TUS) reporting solutions for a large metals manufacturer utilizing dozens of thermocouple inputs to ruggedized laptop
– Provided a vacuum furnace SCADA system for an area heat treater
– Provided data acquisition systems to a manufacturer of alternative energy wind turbines

Gas Pipeline:
– Supplied hundreds of Metrix vibration detectors and MTL intrinsic safety barriers in the construction and deployment of the new Ukrainian Gas Pipeline
– Provided SCADA systems for a large local gas utility
– Provided level monitoring and mechanical vent valves for dozens of storage tanks of a local gas utility company

Oil Refinery:
– Provided over 1000 control solutions for a company monitoring the stress on pipe welds in the power, chemical, and oil refinery industries
– Provided dozens of level control monitoring instruments for many area refineries
– Provided control and monitoring systems of a two local refinery’s 100+ storage tanks

Power / Electric / Boilers:
– Provided many control systems for hospitals, universities and plants focusing on increasing the energy efficiency of their steam production systems
– Provided boiler temperature data monitoring systems for a large local power utility

– Provided complete control and data monitoring system on a 3000 Liter bio-reactor for a major area ingredient manufacturer

Neal Systems moves to larger facility

June 1, 2009 | Company News

Due to the need to expand our sales force, our customer service group, and our control engineering groups, we’ve moved to a much larger facility right next door to our old facility. We were able to work things out so our address stayed the same, thankfully! If you happen to be nearby, please stop in to let us show you around.

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